The Protein and Healing Power of Amaranth.

Many times, when working with various clients with various health issues, the question and issue of protein often comes up; many wonder how they can put cleaner sources of protein in their bodies. Those who live a very active lifestyle express this as well as those who a seeking to eat cleaner. As we know thus far, proteins are not only our source of amino acids, which are the building blocks of life, but they also give sustained energy needed to be at balance in the body. However, these days when it comes to protein, many of us are getting an over abundance in our daily diet.

Having the right balance of protein can mean the difference between in prime health versus over acidic.  More and more people are consuming much more plant-based foods and in doing so don’t want to compromise the balanced connection to protein. As people around the world are consuming less and less meat, it is important for people to also be aware of those plant-based foods that provide the same amounts of power; and sometimes even more.

Amaranth, like its cousin quinoa is a clean grain that provides a sustainable source of protein; but is much more nutrient dense. Amaranth is also an ancient grain that is also known as kiwicha; it was widely used in Central and South American cultures. Many of the warriors of these lands consumed as it provides sustainable energy and strength. On the healing level, Amaranth contains lysine,  B vitamins, magnesium, copper and iron. This is what separates Amaranth from other grains. Now in this day and time as we are looking for more sustainability, let us consider not just cleaner sources of food, but foods that  heal us in the process as well.

Dr. David (Daud) Scott N.D.; CHNP


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