A Double Healing Impact of Calcium Orotate.

Since the age of birth, many of us were told that we need calcium to grow strong bones and keep up a good solid frame. Yes, for the most part this is true, however many of us were told or lead to believe that we can only get quality sources of calcium from animal sources-namely i.e. from cow’s milk only. Besides the fact that human beings are the only species on earth to drink milk directly from another species; quality sources of calcium are also rich and abundant in the plant-kingdom. We have already spoken at length about that point of knowledge in our previous post related to clean sources of calcium. But what we have not talked at length about are the many and various types of calcium that exist; the different elemental chains of calcium are unique and has its own special effect on not just the physical body, but believe it or now on the brain related to mood stabilization as well. Case in point: Calcium Orotate.

Calcium orotate just many be one of the most cleanest, potent and beneficial forms of calcium that you never heard of. Ironically, calcium orotate is found organically in almost all living things but in small trace amounts. It wasn’t until Dr Hans Nieper arranged the isolated plant-based structure and began to work with it for the suppression and treatment of several health disorders that we find so common today. Dr. Nieper found that calcium orotate showed very good promise in addressing issues related to:

  • angina pectoris.
  • hepatitis.
  • high blood pressure.
  • various forms of lupus complications.
  • and multiple sclerosis to name a few.

What makes calcium orotate unique is its bio-availability quick into the blood stream and its rapid absorption into the cell structures to combine with other nutrients that may be present. ­­ It seems that most would expect most forms calcium to work this way in the body. As a matter of fact, a recent study recently came out that cited that the rise in many forms of colon cancers and increasing rates of heart attacks are linked to the fact that people do not take in a consistent form of calcium on a regular basis.

But what most people don’t expect is that a form a calcium may be able to regulate and, in some cases, deter some mood disorders. Calcium orotate may block the release of hormones related to some forms of depression, anxiety and irritability. There is still research being done on this; yet it has shown some promise in boosting brain function along with memory. What the research shows is that it is somehow able to strengthen the electrical signals that flow within the brain and the heart, related to emotions. Many who have used calcium orotate for mood expressed some decrease in depression and anxiety related incidents.

With calcium orotate, it seems that what appears to be good for our bones is also good for our brains. Brain health is on a major decline in this era as more people are being diagnosed with depression at younger ages as well as the fact that diagnoses related to Alzheimer’s disease are happening and increasing at younger ages as well. It would benefit many of us to investigate how we can take in more cleaner sources of minerals and elements to remain present; not only being strong in body, but also in mind as well.

-Dr. Daud Scott N.D.; CHNP.


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