Dealing With A Persistent Cough.

Often times, many of us only experience severe coughing in while in the midst of going through a severe cold or illness, but are able to recover and rebound after the cold or illness has run its course. But for those continuing to experience regular and persistent coughing long after a cold and throughout the year, it may be a sign of a deeper imbalance in the body that needs to be regulated.

Essentially, coughing can be both an internal and external reflex response to clear the internal airways to restore proper breathing. This coughing response can be triggered due to allergies; stemming from bacteria and viruses circulating throughout the body, especially in the stomach coincidentally. This blocked stasis of wind-energy gets trapped in the upper chest region of the body and then thus the cycle repeats itself until the inflammatory properties either subside in the body or the person introduces an agent into the bodily system to stop it.

Contrary to accepted belief, there are several natural remedies that exist that seem to address excessive coughing and treats it at its root cause. Many of these healing agents can be found in the herbal kingdom. Some of the best healing herbs for addressing persistent cough are: coltsfoot, marshmallow, hyssop, licorice and anise. There have been some people who have taken these as individual treatments or have made a blend to consume as a tea. Either way we look at it, these herbs serve as a mainstay for chest inflammation due to there cooling and calming properties on the nerves and muscles which allow for constricted air to be released. If you have found yourself in this situation of having a persistent cough; you may want to look at the inflammatory foods and situations in your life. Change can be made, all we have to do is tune into the knowledge that already exist out there to heal.

-Dr. David (Daud) Scott-N.D; CHNP.


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