Making The Mind-Body Connection.

*(Photo Credit: Conscious Reminder).

At this stage in our develop as a Human Race, there should be no question as to if our thoughts and perceptions about the world, happiness and health; can directly impact our actual physical state. But it still seems that this connection in the medical field is slowly emerging in terms of the way practitioners advise and guide their clients.

It is known, as has been mentioned many and several times throughout the Natures First Path Site: a healthy physical body that is fed by critical nutrients that sustains a healthy mind is of the utmost importance. Just as equally important is the health of our bio-energy field. This is a real and tangible aspect of who we are as Human Beings. However, the most sustainable and healthy way to maintain that energy field has much to do with the way that each and every one of us is able to understand and make the Mind-Body Connection in terms of how we live our lives.  Positive thoughts and time spent in reflective holistic thought continuously strengthens and binds the Mind-Body Connection even stronger. The polar opposite of this also true: excessive negative thinking is harmful when it comes to the Mind-Body Connection: it depletes and disconnects the bonds of true health.

Understanding just exactly how the Mind and Body are inseparable are, really and truly needs to be at the core understanding of how people get well when they are  ill. When we are constantly in an excessive state of stress, this blocks our healing bio-field as well as blocks the healing hormones and receptors from putting the body back into the para-sympathetic mode. While we have state of a physical being sort to speak, we are also living in a very immaterial world in which invisible forces continuously run systems of checks and balances and maintain the Supreme Law. The Law of the Natural Order. It’s up to each and every person to be as tuned in as possible to be able to act in accordance with that law so that true healing will always be our state of being.

On the path to healing and getting better, only two real changes are actually physical: 1) the radical change in diet and the foods we eat and 2) the consumption of natural herbs to help the body come into healing in a more balanced way. The rest of the healing processes are regulated and gone through by engaging in mental and spiritual healing to shift the perspective of the mind towards getting better. This is the foundation of the Mind-Body Connection.  Proof that this actually exist can be seen in the fact that many patients are given placebos in place of actual medicine in some trials, and a large population of them get better. Clearly, the placebo drug had no active medication: it was the deep belief and trust in the process; a power that was controlled by the Mind that lead to a healing in the Body.

If someone takes the other path: the Nocebo Effect will reinforce our beliefs about ill health, suffering and that all hope is lost; ultimately speeding up the disease and ailment within the person.  Our minds are the source. Almost everything that we have attained and sought after in this world; all started from and within the Mind.

Putting this understanding in light of the foods we take in, the exercise we engage in and the company we keep should be viewed from the back drop that perceptions make all of the difference. Take steps to reinforce your Mind-Body Connection in not only the things you do for health, but in all aspects of life. It is the Bio-Field. It is beyond. It has always been the Way.


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Dr. Daud Scott N.D.; CHNP

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