Factors in Addressing Muscle Weakness.

While there are many types of ailments that involve weakness and disruption of muscle function, one of the most common and the one we will talk about today is known as a condition known as Myasthenia Gravis; also known in short as M.G. Without getting into too much complicated detail as to what this condition does, it is where nerve energy and impulses are not connected due to blockages of neurotransmission. Because of this, it can cause severe dropping of the eye region and facial structure, in addition to making the muscles weak for strength overall. It is an auto-immune disease of unknown origin unfortunately. But some in the field have connected it to imbalances of the thymus in the upper potion of the chest that causes this disruption to trigger.

On this site, often people will find targeted Holistic recommendations on what to take for a specific ailment. But this time we will start in the reverse, with what to avoid and not to take when addressing Myasthenia Gravis. Those dealing with this should avoid aloe, burdock root, Siberian ginseng, catsclaw herb and echinacea. This is primarily due to the stimulating and boosting effects of immunity that sides with the auto-immune factor in M.G.

Astragalus herb, however, has shown some promise in the managing of Myasthenia Gravis because it does not promote macrophages, an immune stimulant in the healing of inflammatory issues. Although not fully agreed upon as to how to address M.G. naturally, there are a few that indicate support for boosting weak muscles:

-Zinc and Vitamin C are helpful in lessening viral infections when incidents of Myasthenia Gravis are related.

-Taking prebiotic and probiotic foods and supplements stimulate the gut flora to process nutrients better and keep inflammation down.

-Curcumin out of turmeric is also helpful in lessening inflammation.

-Maintaining Vitamin D levels and eating the rainbow patterns of foods help in healing the body.

As with dealing with most auto immune issues, treating and dealing with them takes a revolving and a multi-layered approach to manage wellness. This means true awareness of self and thinking ahead of any auto-immune flare ups like Myasthenia Gravis as much as possible; whatever is in your control. Striving for health is an active approach, the more we research and learn, the better equipped we will be in the future.


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One thought on “Factors in Addressing Muscle Weakness.

  1. Thanks so much Dr. Daud Scott for discussing Myasthenia Gravis. As one that has dealt with this awful disease for many years I find it very informative and new things to help me attain health.


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