Far Reaching Effects of Cacao



If you are in need of an active energy booster that can keep you flowing all day long, without out the crash at the end, you may want to give cacao root or powder a look.  You may be familiar with the heated processed version of the plant; its what much of the world is in love with: Chocolate. However the unheated and unprocessed raw form; the cacao plant, powder and raw form has many, health and anti-oxidant properties. Within the cacao plant, it is load with Magnesium and Iron.   The next time you are heading to the gym to work out or you have a long day planned ahead, you may want to consider trying cacao instead of an energy drink; you body and mind will thank you for it later.

The Cacao Blaster:

Almond Milk, Two table spoons of raw cacao, handful of goji berries, cashews. Blend. Enjoy!


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