Juicing Beyond the Trend.

It can’t be overstated just how important hydration is and even more importantly just how important nutritious hydration is. Nutritious hydration is a concept that is often missing when it comes to thinking about the popularity of juicing.  Just exactly what sparks someone interest in juicing will range from person to person. Many will take up juicing to lose weight, to go through a temporary detoxification program or because they simply like the taste. And while all of these reasons are good reasons to juice more, however the effects and nutritious effects of juicing may have much more healing powers that may last well beyond a limited time.

How can we get the most maximum benefits of our juicers and the detox programs many of us are on? We get the biggest and most benefits when we make juicing a part of our daily diet plan; consuming them if not daily then at least regularly per week. Juicing is a very efficient way to get at least the five to seven daily servings of the raw fruits and vegetables that is recommended for optimal health.  In addition to this, juicing provides a clean sweeping action of the gut system, especially when someone uses a fiber holding juicer. It is the fiber that helps clean the colon and also feed the cells to the body on a much deeper level

When someone juices a majority of green superfoods like cereal grass and also green algae’s; these may be the most protective forms of preventative medicine that exist which is easily available to you. Many of these green juice combinations contain a significant amount of chlorophyll which is the Vital Life Force blood of plant foods. Juicing foods like this:

-slowing down cellular damage and fights infections.

-improves liver function.

-helps binds heavy metals and removes them from the body.

When you look at juicing from this perspective, it proves as good reason to take juicing regimens much more seriously. For more information on how to start your juicing regiment today, just make contact with Dr. Scott today. With health and love to you and your families.


Dr. Daud Scott-N.D.; CHNP.

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