Why Black Seed Matters.



In the midst of an increased fractional medical system here, more and more people are trying to find ways to keep themselves healthier so that they don’t have to one day find themselves in the hospital simply for the fact that their body started breaking down due to a poor immune system. Here in the city of Los Angeles, many have taken steps to find alternative methods of healing in order to prevent frequent hospital visits. With all of the stressful events that people find themselves in, or happen to look at after being saturated with depressing news because they couldn’t turn away from the day’s headlines, many people’s immune system has taken a beating for the worse. But there are natural herbs out there that many have said does maintain the immune system for the better and that herb is known as the ‘Black Seed’.

The words of the Prophets (s.a.w) will always hold true in all situations and times even those concerning health. Since the time of the early 1960’s there were many here in the West that took an interest in Ayurvedic medicine as an alternative to traditional medicine; it also sparked an interest in the Unnani-Tibb medical system (Islamic Medicine), and one of its core herbs is the Black Seed. Known by its medical name, Nigella Sativa has been said to be one of the most well rounded of the Unnani herbs and has a list of poor health preventative qualities like being an anti-flammatory, anti-tumor and anti-bacterial agent which if used correctly overtime, could have the best affect on your body. Of course one should always consult your medical provider when taking any natural herb for the first time; however even in the Western medical community many doctors are encouraging integration of natural herbs to maintain wellness.

In the Islamic holistic health community, it has been known for years about the healing effects of the black seed, because the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) echoed this truth over 1433 years ago. There are many Halal stores and international markets all Major Metropolitan cities  that carry the Black Seed, also known as Black Cumin or Black Caraway; that can be purchased cheap. It has been the experience of the writer that seed is indeed powerful and cleansing, so everyone’s experience with it may be different. Even still learn more about this powerful little seed and over time, you just may see an improvement in your health inshallah.

As always, we try to relate why these issues are important and what results have we seen in the people we treat. We have come across several clients who suffered from severe allergy issues; especially in the Spring Time. Those that started the regimen of Black Seed found significant relief; some even giving up their Zyrtec and Claritin; while some needed more severe treatment through their allergist; but noted that they still found temporary relief for their allergy and sinus issues. More to come soon……

 Daud Scott-CHNP


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