The Nutribullet. The Breville: Two Different Machines. One Maximum Outcome.



So now it’s inevitable; we have just entered into the Juicing Discussion. With the popularity of the film “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” many people’s minds were open to the fact that you can actually get off medications and reverse Type II diabetes using Plant-Based foods; and that’s a good thing. Also with the popularity of “Food Matters” and “Forks Over Knives” many people have become familiar with the people in the film and some of the products that they represent.

With that said, we often get questions about what the best Blender or Juicer to buy so they can juice on a regular basis and do it with the least amount of complication as possible. The majority of the questions are about 2 products on the market now: the Nutribullet and the Breville Juice Fountain.  When you look at them both, these are both great in their own right, but they are different in many ways.

The Breville Juice Fountain:

This is great for those looking to juice larger quantities of juice without the frothy feeling of other juicers; that would have to be one of its biggest advantages.  This juicer is also perfect for anyone who likes to take their time with juicing and see the ritual in all of it. And you know that you need not add any water to the process and everything is extracted from whatever you put in. On the flipside, where many people have moved away from juicers like this is in the fact that there is still waste and a lot of the remaining discarded pulp takes the minerals and nutrients with it. But it is still important to pay due where it counts; The Breville was this writers first juicer and still uses it regularly for a change in texture with juicing. This machine has also helped many people lose weight, when combined with diet and exercise and is also extremely sturdy (dropped it couple of times) and well worth the price.

The Nutribullet:

What can be said about this little speed demon? In many ways it just may be the best juice/extractor/blender (or whatever you want to call it) out today. Now I know many of you may think it to be overrated, but there are many reasons why we think it’s one of the best out there. First thing, the price is fair and reasonable.  Look folks, were still in a recession and getting at $99.00 before taxes aint bad. The second thing is that being the fast paced Americans that we are, we don’t have time to juice for an hour; it’s simple to clean and there is no waste because it’s all going down. One key advantage that the Nutribullet has over the Breville is the fact that you can add nuts and powders, which add different types of proteins, which is a good thing. Yet there are two sides to every coin: The size is considerably smaller and sometimes you just want a smooth flowing juice.  But even with that this machine will convert your fresh fruits and vegetables and nuts into a whole other being and your body will feel it right away (that is of course after you add the spring water).

Of course there are other high level industrial size juicers, but these are used by specific people for specific reasons. The writer actually owns both of these juicers and makes it a part of the weekly regimen. If you are new to juicing; start off with one and try and do it at least 4 times a week for that fresh inside feeling. Here’s to your health……

   Daud Scott-CHNP; CPT.


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