Top 5 Restaurants for Plant Based Eating in Los Angeles.


Of course there is nothing like cooking your own meal in the comfort of your home; keeping an eye on the ingredients and sharing it with the people that you love most.  But sometimes you just want to be treated to good meal and just because you adhere to a plant based regimen, you shouldn’t have to be subjected to eating ‘rabbit food’ every time you want to eat something when you go out to a restaurant. Living in Los Angeles, you won’t have a shortage of places to eat, whether you live in the Valley or all the way to the South…there are many good places to eat. But what if you want to eat plant based, worry free? Then don’t worry and have no fear, we here at Natures First Path will let you know the best places in Los Angeles to eat your eat on if you are Plant Based. So as disclaimer, we know that there are many Plant Based places to eat in and around L.A., and of course we can’t place them all here but don’t worry…you will make the list  in  no time!


1)      Native Foods.

 With locations in L.A. Westwood, Culver City  and even down to Orange County, you won’t have a hard time getting to any of their locations. The food here is affordable and on top of that very, very satisfying. The good thing about Native Foods is that they regularly offer different promotions that sample cuisine from all over the world.  Most recently, The Shitake Mushroom Po’ Boy Sandwich, which was absolutely on point was a major reason why Native Foods made the list. In addition to this Native Foods has taken a stance to be community oriented with a focus on sustainability around the globe.  There are no sodas offered on site and you’ll never be short of finding a good vegan dessert to pick up before you leave. So the next time you’re out and about, give them a check out.


2)       The Vegan Joint.

 This cool place had to make our list.  There are locations in Los Angeles and in Woodland Hills in the San Fernando Valley.   Whether you’re in the mood for Asian inspired or classic American style ‘burgers’ you won’t  be disappointed at all. In addition to this, their breakfast selection is worth checking out. Our favorite is the pancakes with veggie ‘chicken’ in syrup. The staff is very friendly and never stop short of stacking the portions on high.   If your looking for something to start out with, try the Seitan Burger; You’ll be glad you did.

follow your heart

3)      Follow Your Heart.

 Located in Canoga Park, you may recognize this name as the makers of the world famous: Veganaise sandwich spread and other plant based condiments, but did you also know that there is an excellent restaurant on site?  If you live in the Valley then you will always have a great place to eat without having to compromise your beliefs to get a great meal. While you’re waiting for your meal, you can browse their selection of books for sale, take a look at their aromatherapy section and pick up some organic produce.  Wondering what to eat as a first timer there? We recommend the ‘Baja Wish Tacos’.  You can get this with the beans and rice option and you will be coming back for this dish and other dishes time and time again.

veggie grill

4)      The Veggie Grill.

 You can almost find a Veggie Grill location anywhere throughout the greater metropolitan areas of Los Angeles. One of the key reasons why The Veggie Grill had to make this list is due to it’s heavy presence in the Los Angeles area. Both Non-Vegetarians  and Vegetarians enjoy this place daily and by the way…the food is good too. The veggie ‘Carne Asada’ burger is staple that we eat regularly.  The portions are well spread out and the food is always fresh.  Many people have credited their first plant based eating experience with a visit to the Veggie Grill.  Are you new to trying out ‘Meatless Mondays’? Then its a good place to start.

sun cafe

5)      Sun Cafe.

 Looking for a place to eat that is Plant Based and Organic? Then you have to pass by this cool place in Studio City. You will find a wide array of organic and raw plant based meals to keep you full .  In addition to their good foods, you will find a good selection of Shakes as well.  Our favorite is the Shamrock Shake, made with mint, spinach, banana, cacao, cashews and agave; it’s a must try.  Another great feature about this place is the Saturday Raw cooking classes to keep your creative cooking juices flowing.

                                                                                                                                       Daud Scott- CHNP.

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