The Miracle of the Goji Berry.



In our effort to highlight and bring you the most relevant information related to your health and overall wellness, we couldn’t pass up the chance to discuss the nutrient rich and Sacred Goji Berry.  Master Chinese Herbalist Li Ching Yuen (who was known to have had a very long and extensive life) made the Goji Berry a part of his everyday meal and lead a life of low impact, low stress life style.  Now you may be wondering just exactly makes the goji berry different from any other berry that is out there? Well besides it sharp, sweet and pungent taste it is unusually high in protein and essential amino acid content whether it is in plump or dried form.

Known by its scientific name of Lycium Barbarum it is considered both a food and an herbal medicine in Asia and has been considered so for over the last 5000 years.  In addition to this here are some of the main characteristics of the goji berry:

–          Anti Aging

–          Controls heart disease and cholesterol levels

–          Eye health

–          Better sleep

–          Stress relief

And one of the biggest contributions to the help of your body is the preventative steps it takes to fight cancer cells before they fully develop. This is very important news for many of us who are living in sophisticated and ‘highly advanced’ societies like ours which just so happen to have some of the highest cancer rates on earth; once again nature has given ways to heal before sickness: all we have to do is look.   The Miracle of the goji berry and other cancer fighting foods of the same caliber is that they are easily able to find here in the United States as the knowledge of the defensive food has been made known. This simple vegetarian source of protein can go easily with any meal you are having as a side snack or can just be eaten with ease no matter what you are doing during the day.   There are countless other sources of potent and purifying foods that are out there and it is our intention to shed more light on these physically protective foods inshallah.  Here’s to your health.


Daud Scott- CHNP.

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