Natures First Path Team visits the Conscious Life Expo.



This year the Natures First Team was fortunate and able to visit this year’s Conscious Life Expo which was held in Los Angeles. Holistic Practitioners, Naturopaths, Community Activist and visionaries all gathered this weekend to explore and examine the present state of health, well being and the emergence of a major shift in consciousness that is occurring at a rapid rate due to events in our world today.  As the Expo unfolded, we couldn’t help but feel as if we were transported to another place and time, to a place where the hope and the wish of leaving the world a better place than we found it, was at the very least, a real and tangible possibility if one chooses to look within themselves and make the necessary changes.


While it would be great to highlight all of the lectures and highlights of the weekend, we wanted to cover some of the most relevant topics that are related to your health and wellness:

Local Food and Community Building.

This presentation was held by the creators of Savraw in which they talked about the importance and benefits of permaculture and how one can get involved with natural foods and the positive effects that it has on a community. One of the inspiring things that were displayed in this discussion was a film in which a visit to a local Organic farm was still surviving in the present market in spite of a major drought in California. As the discussion came to a close, a relation and link was made of how natural and fresh food can be an agent of inner change in relation to a community at large.

The Secret Life of Bees.

This discussion was held by the director and creator Maryam Henein of the well known documentary: Vanishing of the Bees which talked about the importance and relevance of how Bee’s are pretty much responsible for pollinating 1 out of 3 foods that we consume in the world. Yet with the present changes in the way bees are being cared for and mass destruction of colonies the social structure and behaviors of the bees have begun to affect the purity and availability of the foods that are available to us.  If we think that the present issue of Bee’s isn’t important, then we have to keep in mind one simple thing: No Bees. No Food. Period.

 Alternative Cancer Therapies.

Out of the many topics that were held this weekend, the writer found this topic to be one of the most relevant and timely. At every turn, we know or have heard of someone who is being affected by Cancer whether in the United States or abroad. It was refreshing to hear that there are organizations that are thinking outside of the box and giving people hope that preventative measures can be put in place to fight cancer and that there are networks to seek out should one contract cancer. While it is illegal for a Medical Doctor to treat Cancer in the United States through non approved means (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, etc.) it is certainly not illegal for people to wake up, take action, make changes and surround themselves with Holistic Practitioners and positive believing and hopeful people who can offer something more than the three options above. What was refreshing to hear, was the benefits and preventative anti-cancer qualities that vitamin B17 has on the body and the foods that carry this little known about vitamin. And in the unfortunate event that a Cancer Diagnosis is given, there are cities in Mexico and in Europe that use Gerson Therapy, Plant Based and Heat Therapy methods to treat the Cancer: a 80% success rate is the average for these treatments. Another thing that was refreshing about this talk was that there was a list of people who had been cured of Cancer through natural means and holistic treatments who willingly and openly gave their names, phone numbers and addresses to tell their stories should anyone ask them for proofs.


As the conference came to a slow close, the sea of everyday citizens,  people of all colors, faiths and socio-economic backgrounds seemed to give each other the look of hope that indeed, we can at least try to leave the world in a better place than the way we found it. Here’s to your health….

                                                                                           -Daud Scott-CHNP


*NFP Founder Daud I. A. Scott with Maryam Kaber Fayre, well known Author and Sufi Mystic at the Conscious Life Expo.

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