How Oil Pulling Can Save Your Teeth: Naturally and Holistically.


Good nutrition comes with many types of benefits and the same can apply when it comes to Oral Care. If you have never heard of Oil Pulling, then reading this is of the utmost importance if you are looking for a natural way to preserve your teeth naturally. This topic is also very important for vegetarians and especially Vegans as often times some experience issues related to the teeth and oral care in general.

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that originates from India that involves using a potent and natural oil to cleanse and purge the mouth of toxins; many of the toxins and bacteria that promote cavities as well as weak teeth and tooth decay. Unfortunately, although many of us brush daily as well use mouth wash, it hasn’t necessarily curbed the amounts of cavities and trips to the dentist office to get a tooth pulled or to get a root canal. So that means in spite of what we have been told by the ADA (American Dental Association), there must be something else to add to the equation when brushing doesn’t seem to be enough; and that’s where nutrition comes into play although there are many in the field who won’t admit it. Enter now Oil Pulling.

Holistic Healing in ancient lands like India, Arabia and Africa and the like knew of the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene and that it is also a good reflection of your overall health. So just exactly what is Oil Pulling and how can it save your teeth?


Oil pulling to strengthen your teeth:

The process is simple. The best plant based oils to use for this is coconut oil, sesame seed oil and sunflower oil; the writer prefers to use coconut although sesame seed oil has been shown to have a higher concentration of antibiotic properties. Take 1 table spoon of any of the above oils and vigorously swish back and forth trough all parts of the teeth for 20 minutes, spit and rinse. 20 minutes has the greatest effect however it may take time for you to build up to this. 10 to 15 minutes will suffice, but truly less than that, results will be hard to come by. The enzymes in these oils literally pull out the toxins and bacteria (thus the term Oil Pulling) of your mouth. Since this is Holistic healing and nutrition the intention is to Oil Pull for life; every day until the last day. Our teeth are actually porous, so the oils actually penetrate and detoxify your teeth and enamel.

Oil Pulling to treat cavities:

What I am about to tell you might be hard to swallow (pun intended) but it is the documented truth as reported. I recently spoke to an associate; Keith who had experienced having a broken back upper tooth that eventually lead to the development of a cavity. Due to lack of funds to go to a dentist, Keith found out about the proposed benefits of Oil Pulling. He said that he was skeptical but really had nothing to lose…so what the heck? He tried it. Keith reported that after 2 days of the pulling at 15 minutes a day, the pain in the tooth went away and after 10 days (brace yourself), the tooth “filling” actually started to resurface and smooth and all the black and blue decay went away while at the same time, all his plaque was gone (as reported). This here alone challenges the long held belief that cavities and tooth decay are a done deal once it happens.

Oil Pulling for Vegans and Vegetarians:

While some of the documentation about Vegans and Vegetarians having high rates of tooth decay may be slanted with biased against them, it does seem that this is a big issue in the Vegan and Vegetarian community. So while we as Vegans do take in large amounts plant based foods, some of us aren’t combining plant proteins and with minerals in the proper manner, thus many of us Vegans tend to have large amounts of cavities. This however shouldn’t be a discouragement to abandon Veganism; just some adjustments should be made. Beside the incorrect protein and mineral combinations, many of us lack Fat Soluble oils which keep our teeth intact. This is where Oil Pulling comes in. Using coconut oil or sesame seed oils can provide the necessary (should provide) fat soluble oils necessary to prevent and or treat cavities that already exist. But this can only be maintained when the treatment is not interrupted.

 How oil pulling helps you beyond oral care:

When you oil pull with the oils listed above you are also providing your body with key necessary nutrients that may have been going missing in you for a while. Studies have also shown that oil pulling may also address headaches, body aches, insomnia and a reduction in some allergies. But the biggest one is that when you use coconut oil it actually has been linked as showing to slow signs related to Alzheimer’s. We have everything we need for us in nature.

It is hoped that the years of your life are spent with good health and a great pair of teeth free of cavities and tooth decay, but we all know that things happen and when and if it does, give Oil Pulling a try. You would be surprised how something so simple and inexpensive could do such grand and great things for your teeth and your mouth as a whole. To your health.

                              Dr. David K. Scott N.D; CHNP.

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