The Vital Life Force Part 3: The Complete Human Being.




As we close out the last and final installment of The Vital Life Force series, it is important to try and summarize what the overall importance and relevance of pursuing Holistic and Natural health in the first place and what the overall benefit is for.   What it is boils down to is that while the Human Being may appear to be separate and fragmented parts, we as Human’s function at our best when we are centered and ‘Whole’.

Just recently, I had to make a pass through a hospital on some personal business and while waiting there I couldn’t help but remember in my mind one of the statements that were made in a documentary related to health, and it was… There is a difference between being functionally healthy and between being fully Vital.”  Chances are if you are reading this now, you are either functionally healthy or maybe healthy with just a few bodily issues here and there. But what does it mean to be fully Vital and getting the most out of the Human Experience and all that it has to offer? Of course, this answer is going to vary greatly from person to person, all throughout the world and from various diverse communities and backgrounds.  But in many cases we still share some common themes with regards to health and the path towards full Vitality, no matter where we come from. We touched on these in previous Vital Life Force post but it is important to highlight them again for the sake of finishing the installment. In Holistic Nutrition the key to true health is seeing the complete package and that is:

Nutrition (Diet): Keeping the most vital and healthiest foods in our systems in order to be able to handle the duties and responsibilities of the physical world while maintaining good health.

Exercise: When there is movement there is life. There is also a purging of the bloodstream and the whole body removing toxins.

Mindset:  Understanding that thoughts and perceptions are a part of our nutrition. Good and positive thoughts nourish our souls while continuously bad and negative thoughts eat away at our souls and cut down our Vital Life Force.

Sleep (True Bodily Rest): When we have true rest, we are able to restore and realign with our bodies as well as synthesize all of our nutrients making them ready to use as needed.

For the most part, keeping balance with these 4 keys can pave the way for someone to be fully vital and to get the most out or life.  But for some many will ask, what is the point of any of this? Why bother and why not let life unfold as it wills? And the answer is what will separate those seeing health as a trend as opposed to those seeking the truth and the answer is: “Knowledge of Self towards the Path of Transcendence.”   Its all about raising ones level of consciousness and feeling that they play a bigger part in the world rather than just taking up oxygen.  The “Spark of Life” in Holistic Nutrition can’t be studied in a lab which is why it isn’t taught in physiology class, but none the less there are many who believe in its existence. It is said that without Life Force….. “all physiological activities would not be possible and the cells (all cells) would be dead.”

This is why it is so important to take every step to a more healthy and Vital Life, because once that is attained the doors to knowledge of self and one’s true purpose begin to unfold.  In closing, Holistic Nutrition has codified the laws of the Vital Life Force also known as the: Laws of Life and they are as follows:

  • Life’s Great Law: Every living matter in the body seeks self-preservation.
  • The Law of Action: When action occurs in the living organism, it must be ascribed to a living thing.
  • The Law of Power: Vital power comes from within.
  • The Law of Selective Elimination: All injurious substances are eliminated from the organism.
  • The Law of Dual Effect: Any secondary effect on the organism is the exact opposite of the primary effect.
  • The Law of Special Economy: The organism under favorable conditions stores up excess vital fluids as a reserve.
  • The Law of Vital Distribution: The power of the body will be apportioned out among the body tissues.
  • The Law of Limitation: Checks and balances will be put upon the unnecessary expenditure of power.
  • The Law of Vital Accommodation-Natures Balance Wheel: The response of the organism to external stimuli is instinctive and will adapt to whatever influence it cannot destroy or control.

All the best and to your health.

Dr. Daud Scott N.D.; CHNP.


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