Unlocking the Secrets of Magnesium for Better Health.


The Human Body is a very miraculous creation. And it is even more miraculous when we go deeper and ponder over the many elements and vital minerals that help keep it, it’s healthiest throughout our lives. With that said while we may have much knowledge and reference points for the importance of Calcium in our lives, much discussion is not given to the high importance Magnesium and its role in the Human Beings physical and mental health. And in fact studies are starting to indicate that many of us, especially us in Western Countries are over-calcified (*meaning consuming too much calcium and from unhealthy sources at that.) which in time could actually lead to brittle bones, stiffness of the body and the calcification of our Pineal Gland (your Third Eye).

In many ancient cities, Magnesium was considered to be one of the elements related to Spark of Life related to the Vital Life Force due to its energy production of the ATP molecules in the cell: thus allowing the body to move and ‘be alive’. But besides this there are other numerous benefits related to the way that getting the right and effective amounts of Magnesium in your system will both do your body and your mind very well.

healthybones (photo credit: Healthy Holistic Living).

Magnesium’s role for the body:

Getting the right amount of Magnesium for the body is fairly easy to do once you know which foods to consume often; which we will discuss later. Magnesium has been shown to be the actual mineral that builds strong bones and not calcium as a whole (although while still important).  Magnesium is essential for the prevention of the calcification of soft tissue and protect against the stress on the arteries caused by very quick blood pressure changes. Magnesium is very important for women who are pregnant as it has been shown to ward off birth defects in their children. Magnesium is very efficient in fighting off kidney stones and key in prevention and reversal of cardio-vascular diseases.

100127121524-large (photo credit: science daily.)

 Magnesium’s role for the mind:

When we talk about the role of Holistic Nutrition for the body, it is incomplete if we don’t discuss the mind. Magnesium is an essential mineral for a healthy nervous system and prime, functional mental health. Having a deficiency in Magnesium can lead to constant irritability, nervousness, the inability to escape from depression, confusion, insomnia, seizures and tantrums in both children and adults. It is no wonder that Magnesium is related to the Spark of Life; since life is connect to both body and the mind; and many also include the spirit. Making sure that your intake of Magnesium is sufficient is crucial for intake and stable mental health: which is something that we all need in these trying times.

The great news is that Magnesium is readily available in many of the foods that we eat; the key is to get them in their truest form if at all possible.  You can find sources of high levels of Magnesium in:

Avocados, cacao, apples, apricots, bananas, black-eyed peas, black strap molasses, garlic, figs, millet, nuts, tofu, peaches, watercress, sesame seeds, all leafy green vegetables, fennel seeds, dandelion, eye-bright, nettle, lemongrass, peppermint, alfalfa, chickweed, oat straw, red clover, sage, brown rice and much more.

Hopefully this piece shed some light on a mineral that isn’t given much discussion and how you can add it in your life more.  In more good news, if you are already consuming large amounts of the leafy greens and whole-fresh fruits and vegetables you are more than likely addressing your bodies Magnesium needs. Never-the-less we should still remain mindful of this mineral if at any time we feel off balance with both our body and our minds. To your health.


-Dr. Daud Scott N.D.; CHNP.

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