Been Missing Breakfast? So…How’s that working out for you?



In this back to the basics of good nutrition series, it is important to go over an often under discussed issue in Holistic Nutrition and that would be the topic of breakfast. To say that attitudes and mannerisms related to eating breakfast as a path to stable health would be an understatement.   This discussion of Nutrition in relation to your health is separate than actually Fasting for health, which we have already discussed in our previous segment on Hygienic Fasting.

If someone is not in the state of ritual fasting or for internal cleansing, why is breakfast so important? Besides the obvious, eating breakfast is very important to supply your body with the necessary nutrients and fuel in the quickest manner possible in order that your bodily as well as your mental facilities function at its best form.  Intentionally missing this part of your meal plan has great consequences in the long run. But what about when you have the best intentions to have breakfast on a regular basis, but it just doesn’t seem to be working out like it should? Unfortunately, the results are still the same: lack of proper nutrition at the most proper time only sets the bar very low when trying to ‘pick up’ energy later on in the day. Here are some of the most agreed upon harms of missing breakfast from an interdisciplinary model:

-Obesity in the long run.

-Menstrual irregularities.

-Lowered cognition.

-Bad Mood.

– Physical side effects like low blood sugar, shakiness, dizziness and headaches.


There are many who already have knowledge of this and have the best of intentions; however due to many peoples demands related to work and the need to be out of the home quickly, breakfast seems to just slip through the wind. So what can be done? Consider these quick tips to make sure you get your breakfast on before heading out:

  • Already prepare a space either on your table or other area where you eat the night before for quick access for your breakfast meal.
  • Arrange your refrigerator that has a section dedicated to breakfast foods only for quick access to what you need.
  • Purchase breakfast foods separate from your normal shopping routine. This may sound strange, however it has actually mentally helped those striving to make breakfast a key part of the day.
  • Actually get up one hour before the time you get dressed for your daily routine whether that be work or otherwise for the sole purpose of having mindful breakfast.
  • Place alkalizing foods like fruits as a part of the meal in order to give balance to the body.

We know that many of you are not morning people, however when you do awake a meal should be taken within the first 30 minutes, if not sooner. And again this is not related to fasting which has another healing property all together. To your health and a good breakfast as well.

            Daud Scott-CHNP.

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