Positive Mental Attitude and Complete Body Nutrition.


If you have ever come across a bad brains record or know of the well known book: “Think and Grow Rich”   by Napoleon Hill then this concept isn’t totally foreign to you.  Having knowledge of this topic while overall is good but actually knowing how it affects the overall health and nutrition of your body is even better.  While attempts to label ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ as quack thinking and wishful day dreaming on behalf of the participant, it has been shown that people who  make attempts to keep their thoughts positive, tend to have healthier nutritional constitutions and less hospital visits and diseases. So exactly what is Positive Mental Attitude? Overall it is an idea that having a Positive Outlook on life no matter what the situation is; and to continue to harness positive energy in its process by incorporating positive ‘self-talk’ time and time again to reinforce these beliefs.  In addition to this being good for the mind, it turns out that it is also good for the body.  And this is what the crux of what we wanted to talk about today: actually seeing your thoughts and emotions as a part of Nutrition, whether it be positive or negative: ultimately dictate how your body (through nutrition) will feel.

 When it comes to how consistent positive thinking affects the body, it was historically and medically documented in “Playing the game: Psychological factors in surviving cancer”. International Journal of Emergency Mental Health 11 (1): 25–36 that actually documented the survival rates of those dealing with cancer and other diseases.  Which brings credence to the idea that while it is important to keep the food that we place in our bodies  healthy and positive, it is important to keep our thoughts and emotions as positive and as clear as possible.   Many may just say it is impossible to harness positive energy ALL of the time and that it is an escapist and naive way of looking at the world, and those are entitled to their opinion. However the anti-thesis of not harnessing positive energy and constantly harnessing negative energy and emotions acts on the body in destructive ways that many are not aware of, Please see below:


When we actually see what consistently harnessing Negative Emotions and not making an attempt to harness more positive energy looks like, it really brings to light that thoughts and feelings are actually a part of health and nutrition. And while we won’t make any attempts to tell you how to actualize Positive Mental Attitude in your life, we just know that we should all make more attempts to be more positive: whatever that means to you. There are many ways to tap into this Positive Mental Attitude, and the simplest of which would be to constantly reaffirm positive self talk to oneself through silent words, visualizations and meditations.  The reality is that a majority of our inner-self talk is negative, the information coming to us from the television is for the most part is negative and  so and so on. There is no harm of reaffirming Positive Mental Attitude throughout your day, you would be surprised just how it will impact your health over all. Positive Eating. Positive Thinking. Positive Attitude.

    -Dr. Daud Scott N.D.:CHNP.


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