Getting to know Uva Ursi for Urinary Healing.



Over the course of one’s lifetime many different vital and necessary organs can take a pounding and can be subject to damage for many different ranges of reasons. And many times through the advancement towards older age, these things just happen as the natural progression of life; it can happen. But even though these things may happen or not happen, it is important to take care to make sure essential organs and bodily parts are in full swing. This is no less important when it comes to our urinary tracts and bladders; especially for men over the age of 40 and those approaching 50 years old.

Uva Ursi (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi) is natural healing agent to address the issues and physical problems related to the urinary tract and bladder. Uva Ursi not only has benefits for those of older adults but for young children and any one dealing with urinary problems; most common of which are urinary tract infections. First discovered in various parts of Europe in Iceland, Norway and Spain thousands of years ago, many people in the United States know Uva Ursi as Bearberry and has been used as a natural treatment in Holistic Treatment and is now becoming a part of western integrative health and it can and may be of good use to you if you are dealing with any problems related to urinary and bladder problems.

Uva Ursi has been shown to tighten and strengthen urinary walls, removes harmful acidity and toxic bacteria in the urine and has even been shown to be helpful to someone experiencing painful and chronic diarrhea. These days it is fairly easy to find Uva Ursi these days and can be a natural way to keep the urinary tract in pristine health.

Uva Ursi can be a benefit to many people experiencing all types of issues related to the urinary tract and bladder; some of which are:

Children experiencing chronic bed wetting:

Uva Ursi taken at night before by children (or anyone) experiencing severe bed wetting has been shown to be helpful in curbing, if not stopping bed wetting altogether. This is usually accomplished by strengthening the urinary walls which takes less pressure off of the bladder which causes the bed wetting in the sleep.

Men experiencing Chronic Pain during urination:

Uva Ursi is able to remove inflammation of the urinary tract and the prostate, making for easier urination without the pain. Uva Ursi is ideal for men at risk for prostate cancer as well.

 People Juicing For Health:

 While we all love to juice the toxins out of our body, it also comes with frequent visits to the restroom which can often come at a inconvenient time for many of us, especially if you’re at work or a business meeting. Uva Ursi is very helpful at cutting frequent urination episodes in half, which is ideal for people who juice for health on a regular basis.

No matter what ailment or internal physical challenge you may be faced with, you have to know that you always have options, many of which can be natural if you seek them out. Uva Ursi is of great importance to men as they age in life. Keeping a healthy urinary tract and bladder is important so that it may remove the buildup of toxins that we accumulate through the days. If you have be weary of trying natural treatments, venture out of the comfort zone and Uva Ursi is an easy and great place to start. Here’s to your health.

 Dr. Daud Scott N.D.;CHNP.


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