Turning a Health Resolution into a Life Revolution.


One of my favorite bands from the 1990’s was a band called Snapcase.  In 1993, they released a song entitled Incarnation on the critically acclaimed “Looking Glass Self” album, and one of the lyrics…went… “It’s time to live again!” These 5 simple words crossed my mind the other day while at the same time thinking about some of the challenges that that Clients have been talking about as the New Year soon approaches. It is time to live again.

And as the New Year approaches the term ‘New Year’s Resolution’ comes up, more often than not the issue of nutrition and health usually comes up. When nutrition and health comes up, with word ‘Diet’ comes up in almost every conversation. While the short term benefits of dieting do show some short term results for whatever the person is seeking, by the end of that same year the Client is usually in the same or worse position than where they were the previous year (in some cases). This shows that there is a fundamental problem with dieting in itself and requires someone to make some pretty drastic and revolutionary changes in their approach to nutrition, frame of mind and lifelong goals.

To many clients’ disappointment many Holistic Nutritionist don’t advocate dieting. Instead they advocate complete changes in food selection, mindset and to consider spirituality as a part of their health as they move forward.  Most clients embrace this new outlook on their nutritional health, but often worry about the best way to move forward with the new information and how to make the complete life change without succumbing to ways of the past.  Many of the Clients we come across want to feel, look and think better all of the time moving forward, past the fads of dieting. However doing that isn’t always easy; some of the best steps to help you in your path of a fully nutritious Life Revolution can be summed up here:


Take a serious look at your refrigerator:

What is stored inside our refrigerator is a good reflection on where we are with our nutrition at the present moment. What grade would you give the items as being a helper to your new life and nutrition goals? Maybe it is fine. Maybe it needs some tweaking. Only you can make that decision. If the items inside are not up to par with your new plan for a life change, then over time the only way to fix it is to replace the things that are holding you back. In some cases the whole refrigerator needs to be restocked and replaced towards your new goals.

 Make a serious commitment to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables:

No matter what level you want your nutrition to be on, the issue of being overly acidic affects many people, especially here in the United States where much of the food has been over refined and beyond processed. Adding fresh fruits and vegetables into your body combats the issue of having an over-acidic body on a constant basis. Don’t excuse yourself by getting caught up in the organic versus non-organic pitfall. Of course eating organic when possible is always better, but that should not be a reason to move not forward if you can’t get organic: you have to start somewhere. As you progress, in time you will be able to do more with that inshallah. Constant acidity has been linked to lethargy, mood swings, health deterioration and other health related problems.

Seek out a Nutritionist and or a Wellness Coach:

One of the hardest things to do when someone wants to make a change in their life is to admit that they need help doing it. Seeking out a like minded nutritionist and or wellness health coach is a good way to help you stay motivated throughout the whole year. Besides this, you will always have the most up-to-date information on how to change your life for good. In addition to this, there are many Meetup groups and like minded people who may be wanting to do the same thing; reach out. If you are serious about moving forward with a nutritional life revolution, having someone in the nutrition field on your side can only help you.

Embrace a new way of looking at nutrition and the world around you:

Moving forward with your new Nutritional Life Revolution will almost certainly require you become more open minded and willing to accept that whatever you were doing before (or currently) wasn’t working. Being truly successful on this new path will require your full attention and a willingness to take a hard look at cultural, societal and even familial patterns of living that may have contributed to our poor health; that’s the reality. If someone is able to rise above this, above the opinions of others, try new ways of understanding health nutrition and put your trust in hopes of better health, then the only true outcome can be full health vitality, in-spite of what others may think.

If you are thinking about a change as the New Year approaches, ask yourself if you want the rewards to be short or long term. If your goals are for long term health and wellness and want to move beyond the harmful phases of dieting, then the complete health revolution is calling for you and there is no time like the present. To your health.

        Dr. Daud Scott N.D,; CHNP.

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