Resistance Training as Mindful Exercise.


 If someone is used to working out often, overtime many of us usually have a picked up a usual routine that we may like and many times this exercise routine may seem to have calming and relaxing effects on us. Often times, many people who engage in these regular routines will do it as a type of physical and moving meditation with that sole intention; and that is a good thing. But for some the Mindful calming effects on a person may not be so obvious at first thought. Over the years, the concept of Mindful Exercise developed and there has been a significant link between Mindfulness and Exercise, especially when it comes to Resistance Training.

Lately there have been some study on the benefits of Resistance Training and the Mind-Body benefits that it has on a person, especially when they are focusing on full Mindfulness at the time of engaging in different types of Resistance Training.  So as it turns out working out in slow, paced, rhythmic tones is not only good for the body, but also excellent for the mind as well. Here are some things to consider from a Mindfulness point of view the next time you are getting ready to start a resistance training regimen or you are at the gym:


  • Resistance Training Has been Shown to improve overall brain concentration:

This is done as the exercise develops which allows you to command and control the cognitive areas of your brain, which allow you be in greater control of your thoughts, emotions and actions.

  • Resistance Training Assists with Depression and Anxiety:

This is specifically related to long term anxiety and not the occasional bouts of anxiety that we all feel from time to time. Even still, resistance training is able to assist with these issues due to the slower paced release of endorphins which bring about a naturally relaxed state and helps ward off stress as well as allow the person to cope with physical pain.

  • Resistance Training and Self Perception:

It has been shown that people who engage in resistance training on a regular basis are able to maintain a healthy level of self-esteem. This balanced view of the self is important to keep away bad thoughts and perceptions about themselves. It is through bad thoughts and perceptions that give rise to consistent negative views about themselves and others. It is in the state of negativity that the ph is prone to becoming acidic if it isn’t acidic already. Keeping a regular exercise routine has been shown to fight this off.

 If you have been looking to expand your mediation and mindfulness applications, consider doing it with your workouts. Keeping slow breath and slow movements strengthens the muscles more on a much deeper level as well as the mind on a much deeper level. To your health and wellness.


    Dr. Daud Scott – N.D.;CHNP.


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