The 5 Doctors.


In the year of 1980 there were no known documented cases of any children ages 13 and below of having any cases of Type 2 Diabetes in the United States. In the year of 2010, there were over 57,000 plus documented cases of children ages 13 and below having Type 2 Diabetes (social illness) in the United States.  To say that things have changed with our health within 30 years would be an understatement, but what is more disturbing is that as these trends grow, our children are at a less advantage to start off on the good footing to fight off illness early. Why is this happening? Is it the fact that fast food restaurants have now partnered with our school lunch programs? FDA? Funding? Sign of the times?

No matter where you look for answers, it’s not just adults who are finding themselves battling illness for mysterious reasons, but now it seems that we have inherited these issues to our children as well. Are we all doomed to hospital visits for life? Has our fate been sealed? What if there was another way?

Have we ever stopped to think about wellness outside of when we are sick? It is in those moments of non-illness that we need to be the most vigilant about building up the body. Luckily for us we all have The 5 Doctors that we can visit monthly, weekly and even daily if we so choose to get the best edge on health; known in the Holistic Path as: The 5 Doctors. Of course there are more, yet these 5 do the trick when consulted regularly and without interruption.

  • Nutrition:

It has been said by one of my teachers that the one who doesn’t have good nutrition, will never have real health. At the first sound of this it may sound controversial, but the more you think about it, it makes perfect sense. In spite of our consistent eating, we tend to be malnourished on so many fronts. It’s the lack of consistent vital nutrients from clean sources that speeds up the illness process. The difference of an ill person who keeps up vital nutrition as opposed to someone who doesn’t has about a 48 to 72 hour quicker healing recovery time. Of course these times vary, but these tend to be the average.  Nutrition is your first line of defense in wording off illness and disease.

  •   Natural Air:

 Getting a fresh dose of fresh air boost the immune system as well as the mood. For many, our work spaces help promote our demise. Air conditioners that blasts down our necks plus the hours that we spend sitting with eyes fixed in one position is a perfect recipe for illness.  However not working is not an option for many, so taking time to get some fresh air works wonders; many times taking some of the stress away which in some cases stops illness in its tracks right there.

  • Vigorous Exercise:

The scientific data on the relationship to fighting off illness and consistent exercise is plentiful. Whether you want to exercise for fun, social purposes, health or to deal with weight issues: it really doesn’t matter as long as you do it someway somehow. Besides being a mood enhancer and a self-esteem builder, vigorous exercise helps your liver, removes toxicity from the body and helps you focus mentally. Visit this doctor at least 5 days a week if not every day if you can.

  • Sleep:

Without the right amount of sleep in our lives, everything else seems to get corrupted somehow. Interestingly enough much of our sleeping problems can be corrected or at least adjusted by dealing with the 3 previous ‘doctors’. In some cases the issues are stress. Whatever the cause we have to try to have our sleep be as near perfect as possible.  If not corrected over time acidoisis, fatigue, weight-gain and high-blood pressure can creep up on us which opens the doorways to other illnesses.  Finding the right sleep pattern for you takes effort and real intention. But once you find it, it works wonders for your Vital Life force.

  • Silencing the Unnecessary (Self-Reflection):

This is an absolute must on the path to self-healing. Unnecessary mental clutter, drama, consistent exposure to negative people and settings just may be what is contributing to your never ending cycles of illness and pain. The first step in resolving this is to accept and admit to our own wrong doing and self-inflicting mental as well as spiritual chaos that we have done to our own selves. For some, meditation is the way, repeating dhikr-mantra formulas or just sitting alone in a quiet setting is enough. For some of us the trauma goes much deeper and requires professional and clinical help. Either way the work on ourselves must be done, otherwise the openings  to illness and disease will just find its way back into our lives; we have to address our own personal trauma whether Male or Female, Black or White, rich or poor; the first step to real self-healing begins here.

 We don’t want it to be said that we never rose up and lived to the best of our abilities. When are we going to stop waiting for someone to come along and save us or heal us? In some cases this can’t be avoided if the illness is chronic. But if you’re functional, you can do whatever you can for yourself while you can. Accepting personal responsibility in any of these 5 forms changes a lot on one’s perspective about healing and visiting the 5 doctors often can mean a great deal of difference in the unfortunate event that we have to truly face illness. To the health of you and your families as well as your loved ones for a lifetime.

       – Dr.David K Scott- N.D.; CHNP;

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