Black Cohosh for Women’s Health and Balance.

Black cohosh, Cimicifuga racemosa (Actaea racemosa) Foster purchased 2008


While some things are universal like the fact that we all have to eat for our sustenance, some things are not always universal when it comes to the way herbs and medicine affect the health of men and women when it comes to treatment.  Holistic Medicine and Naturopathy can offer women a large array of supports for many of the issues that come about as they experience life after pregnancy and child birth, or are in the early or interim stages of menopause and maybe have begun to experience internal changes as they age.

In this particular segment, wanted to talk about a natural herb native to the Americas; local to central Georgia, Missouri and Arkansas as well as other parts of the world that has a long history of benefits related to natural health and in particular as a beneficial health source for women known as Black Cohosh.  Historically, black cohosh was used among Native American Indian Tribes to address gynecological disorders, to bring on menstruation, to treat menstrual complications, treat kidney disorders, malaria, rheumatism and sore throats. As time went on, a number of studies have been done that show that it may have even more benefits than this that are beneficial to both men and women.

In a double blind study conducted in 2002, Columbia University, concluded that women who used black cohosh with others who used Tamoxifen to treat hot flashes; reported that they both experienced decreased hot flashes at almost an equal rate. Showing that the natural alternative was equally just as effective at treating hot flashes.

Another randomized 12 week study was conducted with women who were experiencing symptoms of menopause. These women took an extract of black cohosh of 40 drops twice daily and all reported at the end of the trial that symptoms of depression and anxiety related to menopause had all decreased significantly and without any reports suggesting any side effects.

It is not exactly known just exactly how black cohosh works in the body or how it has the effects that it does on the neurological system. The only clue to its internal make up is that contains folic acid which may be the starting point to have some benefit on estrogen activity: but it is not agreed on across the board. But besides helping issues related to menopause it has been shown to help with headaches, asthma, bronchitis, nasal congestion as well as cold and the flu. In addition to this, many take black cohosh to address sleeping problems, night sweats and also heart palpitations.

But one of the more universal benefits of using black cohosh is that it has been shown to treat and address rheumatoid arthritis by reducing inflammation quickly. This is most likely the top important aspect of this because so many are suffering from chronic inflammation which triggers chronic acidosis in some form or another.

As always, you should at least mention to your care Practitioner if you are about to start a new herb regimen and black cohosh may not be for all women and men in all cases. This includes:

  • Women who are pregnant.


  • Women who have breast cancer.


  • People who have liver disorders.


  • People who have jaundice.

If you are looking for a natural solution to some of the issues that we talked about here, you may want to look into black cohosh. Natural remedies are usually less expensive in the long run, come with less complications and offers real solutions that address health problems at their roots. All the best of health to you and your families.

Daud Scott- N.D.; CHNP.


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