Traveling & Maintaining Holistic Health While Abroad.

If anyone has ever traveled internationally before, you probably already know the large amounts of preparation and planning that it takes just to be ready for the flight; it can be challenging at times. What can even be more challenging is keeping to your healthy based food regimen, especially if you are travelling to a destination that you have never been to before. The good news is that now with the advent of healthy eating applications for your phone, as well as dedicated websites that specifically tell you where to eat the most healthiest foods abroad: people are in much better hands than they were many years ago.

While these tools are helpful, the truly best way to stay healthy for your upcoming trip is to actually plan and prepare ahead of time. Fine tuning and concentrating on your food plan at least one month in advance can go a long way when it comes to maintaining your health, no matter where you are going. One of the key things you will need while traveling is stamina and strength. For these reasons it is very important to consume lots of micronutrient dense foods ahead of time. It is also very important that you are a well-rested so that you will be able to enjoy the experience once it actually starts.

One of the best things you can keep on your person while in the hustle and bustle of traveling are seeds and dried fruits. The benefits of this is that they contain significant amounts of protein, essential vitamins and minerals as well as also help you fight the urge to eat unnecessarily when you are not truly hungry. Remember these important tools to ensure that you are in the best health for your trip and that you will return to your home in the same healthy state:


  • Select which restaurants and cafes that resonate with your healthy eating plan ahead of time and have them saved in a place that you can have quick access to it. Calling them ahead of time is even a better idea, to confirm that they are still in business when you arrive.


  • Taking dried spices like turmeric, ginger, black seed and garlic are very helpful to help you aid your digestion and lowers inflammation in your body should you encounter any while traveling.


  • Stay hydrated with bottled water. While the drinking water may be perfectly safe (and it often is to the locals who already live there), you do not want to risk any bacterial infections that could jeopardize your travels.


  • If you are going to be staying with family and they don’t know about your particular healthy eating plan you are doing; having a friendly conversation about it beforehand could do a lot of good and can prevent a lot of unnecessary confusion and miscommunication. You would be surprised at how accommodating and open many family members are concerning you’re eating goals.  Many of them may even get inspired by what you are doing and may seek you out for support.

Many people often feel that they feel like they have to compromise their beliefs and routine while traveling. This really doesn’t have to be the case. With the right planning and setting sincere intentions to stay on track, it can be done easily. Many people are becoming more aware of the power of healthy and clean eating for health and this is now starting to take root all over the world. You should have no problems with feeling supported in your health goals, even while abroad. With love and health to you and your families.

              Daud Scott-CHNP.

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