Considerations For Raising Healthy Children.

(*Picture credit: Holistic Ebony.)

It’s no question that when couples welcome a new child into the world, that they want the best well-being and Health that comes along with that. From the very beginning of a child’s life, having the right nutrition, vitamins and minerals is crucial for their development both physically and mentally as well. The positive news about this is that when parents know what food items contain what nutrient , it make it easier to give their child the most healing foods and nutrients in the most critical stages of their lives: the development stages.

Children that are healthy are the result of parents who promote health to them; how can learn to do this more? The answer comes with Awareness and having a clear plan. Some things to consider when it comes raising healthy children are listed below:

The Role of Anti-Oxidants.

It is never too early to start consuming foods that have a high anti-oxidant content. Children, just like adults benefit from consuming high antioxidant foods. Children’s nutritional needs vary by sex, height and weight build; calorie requirements will range from 1,300 to 1,700 for ages 5 to around 12. With that said, having a good intake of anti-oxidant foods like berries, cherries, avocados, nuts and seeds help with staving off pollutants that are in the air and all around them. Children’s immune system is developing rapidly; especially from the ages of 5 to 12 years old.

(*Picture Credit: Holistic Ebony.)

Why Natural Sunlight is Crucial.

In the age of smart electronics and devices, fewer children are getting enough physical play time than before. Although there is still recess time at schools, it is usually isn’t enough time to combat the hours of sitting that many of them face. One other benefit to playing outdoors is that it not only promotes cardio vascular health for the child, but exposes them to Vitamin D from the sun which is so important to brain and nerve health as well. Vitamin D is absolutely necessary for calcium absorption throughout the entire bodily system; the earlier a child gets a start on this, all the more difference it makes in the strength of the immune system in the long run.

The Arsenal of Nutrients.

Never underestimate the importance and protective abilities of essential vitamins and minerals for your child. Of course supplementation could never hurt, but getting vitamins and nutrients from sources of whole foods will always synthesize better in the body. Providing your child with foods with high sources of Vitamins of A, B complex, C, D, E, K, zinc, manganese, sulfur, and selenium can lay the foundation for a lifetime of healthy habits when they are shared with enthusiasm with the child. Foods that contain these can be found in large quantities of spinach, carrots, apples, sunflower seeds, pecans, cashews, kale, oranges, tofu, soy, cabbage, cauliflower, seaweed, mushrooms, almonds berries and nuts. It is worth mentioning that not only are these foods good for the body, but they are critical in maintaining emotional health as well; providing necessary oxygenation to the brain and the nervous system.

Just exactly how this is applied will vary from culture to culture as well as family history and the food choices of each individual household; however striving for health can be integrated into all of this at the same time. A two-fold benefit is that when children are eating healthy in the house, the parents benefit and vice-versa: everyone benefits. Please keep in mind special consideration should be given to allergies and contraindications for each child. But remember, the earlier start on the foundation for good nutrition, the better the child’s immune system in the long run. In good health.

Dr. Daud Scott- N.D.;CHNP.


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