Learning From Our Patients and Clients.

If we are Doctor’s of any type, the hope is that we are striving to become better Doctor’s and a true master of the craft of the art of healing. If we are Nutritionist, the hope would be the same. If it is Homeopathy, Holistic Health practitioner, etc., the sentiment, should be of the same echo: to strive to be best at it and offer hope to those whom are seeking it, which include the downtrodden. A big part of striving to become better and a master at the craft is our ability to be able to tune into our patients and take the most important lesion from working with them; whatever that may be.

University and school knowledge sets up our foundation and on the road for our practices, but it is the actual work that we do with our patients that teach us about best outcomes, wellness, health patterns, new types of imbalances and chronic diseases. That ability to tune in and remain on the leading edge in our respective fields, can yield a lifetime of a successful health practice and can even grow your practice because of the superior attention to detail that you give. Through our patients we can learn about what works and what doesn’t in terms of treatment protocol.

One of the most common things that tends to come up that demonstrates what can be learned by nurturing the practitioner-patient protocol are these points:

  • We can learn that healthy cell regeneration along with a complete transformation of vitality can happen, when the least harmful substances are recommended.
  • They can teach us how to specifically target wellness protocols that may be in complete contradiction from what the medical literature tells us.
  • We can learn that the science and art of Naturopathic Medicine is always evolving and to stay current by being open to newer healing ideologies.
  • They remind us of why we became doctors in the first place- to assist in the healing process and educate at the same time.
  • And most importantly, they remind us that we too must continue to take care of our won health, to practice the wellness and nutritional advice we give and to care for our physical and mental well-being also.

As new health situations and world challenges are always unfolding, it is hoped that us as practitioners will continue to be the solution and the bridge of managing health issues while at the same time fostering realistic hope. We should welcome this understanding, for it may be anyone of us who will need the same care some day.

   -Dr. David K. Scott N.D.; CHNP


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