On Being Mortal and The Quest For Longevity.

Mortality. A discussion often overlooked within the Naturopathic and Holistic frameworks relating to a path of wellness. The reality is that all of us are on this journey of Life; and with all journeys, a resting period must occur. Even with the best of natural health, daily meditations, and physical movements; we are very mortal in the physical sense. But even though and if this is the case, how we live our lives and attain the meaning that is meant for us, makes all the difference between living with full presence versus a life that literally flashes before our eyes; not gaining the secret that is held within.

Not accounting for any unforeseen and or unfortunate tragic situations, the Human Being has the capacity to live a fully abundant life. Full of health, joy, pleasure, with travel and deep a understanding. This is at the very core ideology of Naturopathic Medicine. In spite what we’ve been told or led to believe, each of us has more of say-so on the quality and health of our lives than many of is think. It’s called personal responsibility. And out of this personal responsibility, it becomes clear that apathy never helps in the path towards true health and wellness. That being said, if you are or have been tuned into this message of Holistic Health and Wellness, it must truly be for a reason.   When it comes down to it, no matter what eventual challenges or life adversities we may face: one will never regret taking the best care possible, of their body, mind, and spirit; regardless of the ending outcome. It would be a life lived at the highest level. And it is at this highest level, many have learned to eliminate the fear or death and mortality as we know it and live each day as a new opportunity, to be a part of process of the history of humanity. Even if there are some who have not reached that level, there are many who have found an inner peace with the food choices, and lifestyle changes they make at the very least: living with true and intentional purpose.


Taking steps to live the longest life possible is not futile nor a waste of time. Taking steps towards fulfilling the role of the best version of yourself and finding wonder, along with amazement; makes everyday living an adventure. It is true that we cannot win the war against aging, no matter how we appear. Time is always steps ahead of us. But with the time we have, it is a time that can be directed towards awakening, towards rising above and leaving the world we emerged into, a better place than before. It has been said that there are two very important days in a person’s life: the day they were born, and the day they know why they were born. If someone can uncover that about themselves, they are operating on a higher vibration. And on that higher vibration, it is understood that while many years of life would be ideal and a great gift, the quality of the life they have is even more important. This puts everything in perspective for us. What are we living for?


  • Without a doubt, it has been shown time and time again that eating and consuming mostly plant foods as our source of nutrition, allows the body to ward off early cellular breakdown and keeps the body loaded with nutrients. Eating mostly plants often and whenever possible has been shown as a platform for cancer prevention, heart attack prevention and as a barrier to other forms of early degenerative diseases.
  • Moving the body at a minimum 20 minutes day for some types of exercises have been shown to keep the blood flow strong and the heart active. This usually allows for better mind clarity and better food synthesis. Doing this regularly keeps the body upright, giving the opportunity to have a longer life.
  • Finding reasons to laugh more and stress less, plays a big part in someone’s lifespan. Stressors may always be abundant in our lives, but how we react to it makes all the difference. Any chance to laugh and keep the heart and soul light, is an opportunity to keep cortisol from overloading our system.
  • Getting enough sleep allows our body and mind to recuperate. When sleep patterns are broken, healing cycles are broken. Whatever sleep you get, strive to make sure it’s the soundest possible.
  • Knowing that the following day is never a guarantee, puts gratitude and appreciation at the forefront front of our thoughts when we wake up in the morning. There is always something to be appreciative about in your life if you have lived another day. Go deeper into that appreciation.

Naturopathy lays the foundation of steps to take when leading a life with the least amount of suffering as possible. How we walk that foundation is up to each and everyone of us. May the choices we make carry us into a fulfilled life that is long as it can be, without holding back.

   -Dr. David K. Scott N.D.; CHNP.


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