Turning The Table On our Genes.

The genes that we are born with, don’t have to be the genes that dictate our whole life. Our birth genes don’t have to be the end of the story. Lifestyle Medicine, or the holistic medical art of living a lifestyle based on tangible health outcomes, set on the path of mandated self-healing parameters, have a greater outcome on our quality of life than we may truly understand. Lifestyle Medicine and intentional nutritional related choices can make all the difference in the world when it comes to life experiences.

Our gene activity, especially the microbial genes (*the ones expressed in our stomach), can be influenced by our day-to-day actions and through this we are reminded that the human body is not a ‘thing’, but it is rather a ‘process’. We will get to this point later on, but for now it is important for us to understand that our stretches of D.N.A codes for different proteins that we come in contact with on a regular basis. And through these reactions, our own particular genotype takes shape and represents the whole of who we are, sort to speak. But it is important to know that these genotypes go through a series of expressions and these expressions are different for everyone. While it is true that we inherit about 25,000 hereditary genes from our parents roughly, a bigger factor in our health outcomes have to do with the way we express our microbial genes in our gut flora; as there are millions more in that location within the body.  Dealing with this area and raising the Life Force energy through the gut flora is turning the table on our genes that we have been dealt. This is at the core understanding of Epigenetic healing.

And Epigenetic healing is critical path and a step forward within the framework of Naturopathic Medicine. Because it puts the focal point of healing back into the hands of the individual. Through conscious lifestyle choices, foods that heal the microbiome and setting the intention towards a higher level of happiness and pleasure; these are beginning steps to live on the Epigenetic level (*meaning above the level from which the genes we were born with and accepting that as the be all, end all.)

If we have been looking for a more sustainable way to get healthier and express our health outcomes deeper, this should come as some good news. We can literally change the way our genes are expressed. How we play the ‘health cards’, is how the higher level of expression can take place. We have now come to understand that we have about 20 million microbial genes in our gut flora: and we can change these for the better. You should also be aware that the proper intake of fiber influences our microbiome for the better as well. Expressing intentions and feelings of joy and happiness, literally expresses our genes towards the positive, which fosters healing. Working on this on the basic level can have a very deep impact on the quality of life one can have. If we can change at least 85% of the genes in our stomach, we are trending toward truly living on the Epigenetic threshold. Studies are being conducted in this area and subjects are indicating that the way they experience everyday life, and their perception of all that is real, has changed drastically. The body is an activity and a process, and beyond being just a ‘thing’; it is so much more.  Igniting a joyful and happy body is a step towards reversing the early aging process and a step towards living through pure high regulation heart consciousness; slowing down how fast heat is released from our bodies.  We can live on a higher level. We can live on and even above the Epigenetic level. We can literally, turn the table on the genes we were born with.

-Dr. David K. Scott N.D.; CHNP.


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