Traditional Naturopathy: Now More Than Ever.

Right now in this present day and age; the issue of health and how to deal with chronic, acute and degenerative diseases is affecting those at such a faster rate like never before in our society. This ranges from the very old, to the middle aged, to the very young now. Why is this happening? We’ve had several discussions already on how the role of proper Nutrition serves as the first and the best way to get our health plans and goals in order, but what if the situation at hand is more deeper than that? We are now even seeing trained and licensed Medical Doctors succumbing to the same fates as the patients that they took an oath to nurture and take care of. While we could spend the next 10 years trying to understand the causes of all this, the writer feels; as a Naturopathic Practitioner that it is important to give hope and lay out a platform of solutions towards true healing, liberation healing. Traditional Naturopathy is needed now more than ever.

People are beginning to wake-up as well as starting to take their own health seriously and are not just leaving the outcomes of whatever issues they are going through to just anyone anymore. People are looking for real solutions to deal with their health issues; people are wanting to heal and address the causes of their illnesses and not to simply treat the symptoms. People are looking for real solutions. People are returning and seeking out practitioners of the Natural Way; people are beginning to rediscover the healing art of Traditional Naturopathy.

Traditional Naturopathy bridges the gap between Holistic Nutrition and the very best of the other Holistic sciences such as, iridology, reflexology, massage, acupuncture, homeopathy, herbology, energy healing, stress reduction techniques, the eastern and western healing arts, pathology, nutritional medicine, hydrotherapy and all the like. In essence, traditional naturopaths take and make use of mostly everything you see in nature including the elements of air, sunshine and hot and cold as well to bring the patient to a point of detoxification and balance in the body; so that that body can heal itself. No doctor, whether Naturopathic or Allopathic, ever cured anyone: they only administer treatments that trigger the body to react in a certain way: the body either heals itself completely or suppresses the causes of illness that will return at a later time. This is of the most concrete beliefs within Traditional Naturopathic Medicine.

Since the beginnings of recorded history, the role of the doctor was to administer the alleviation of pain and suffering to the people who sought them out with the least amount of harm as possible. This is the framework that is needed today in our new modern world. So just exactly how does the traditional naturopath work? According to Dr. Theil “Naturopaths believe in prevention first and foremost and that the naturopath is just the facilitator; we try to identify the causes of problems, eliminate toxins and stimulate the body’s own natural healing abilities.” Traditional Naturopathy recognizes that everyone is a unique individual, yet at the same time most people will respond positively to better and more vital eating, consistent exercise and consistent detoxification of the body.

Traditional Naturopathy governs itself by a set of principles that it uses to treat the patient from the inside out:

  • The patient must receive and maintain an adequate amount of true sleep. A simple adjustment in sleeping patterns can bring the patient to a place where they can experience true healing.


  • Regular bathing in alternate temperatures of hot and cold water to allow the skin to expand and contract .


  • Consistent hydration is a must for true healing to begin. If more people hydrated themselves properly in the morning, many of them would begin to see changes in their health immediately.


  • The patient has to eat larger quantities of mostly fresh vegetables and fruits to supply the micro-nutrients that the body needs.
  • Proper elimination and detoxification of the body’s channels is a sign the body’s organs, especially the colon is working properly. This can only be achieved by eating proper amounts of foods that contain fiber.


  • The patient must get periodic exposure to fresh air to purify the lungs.


  • The patient must keep the body in a state of exercise or at least in a state of continuous movement to stimulate the body’s vital life force.

According to the foundations of Traditional Naturopathy, these are the core functions that all people whether they are in good health or are very sick, need to have before or while the naturopath prepares a healing program for the patient. While modern naturopathic doctors also work on detoxification programs, they also make use of some synthetic supplements to add to the patients healing program. Traditional Naturopaths only use what is derived of natural sources to help the patient heal themselves.

Instead of an epidemic of mass sickness, what if there was a mass explosion good health? Who, what and how will the new paradigm of healing be carried and filtered out? The writer feels that it will be the Traditional Naturopath who will be at the forefront of this new expansion of true health care for those who are seeking it. Now is the time for Traditional Naturopaths’ to truly believe in our profession. We are not quacks or the forgotten step children of modern Naturopathic Medicine; we are facilitators or true healing and protectors of the laws of the Natural Order and can be of great service for those who are looking for another and fully revolutionary way of healing treatments. The best place to start is at the beginning and with ourselves. Take more steps to learn about the healing arts of Naturopathy and watch your life slowly begin to change beyond the surface but rather inside, on the cellular level. All the best of health to you and your families.

Dr. Daud Scott N.D.; CHNP.


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