Looking at Iridology: Healing Through the Eyes.

It has been said that the eyes are the window to the soul. As it stands it also turns out be a window into the vitality of our internal organs as well. In an effort to bring you a full range on coverage with Natures First Path’s healing modalities, it is important to talk about a holistic science that is supported by nutrition and vice-versa; known as Iridology.

Iridology is in essence the study of the iris and in particular; of its color markings, hues, lines and constitution in an effort to get sense of what is going on internally within the body. Holistic healers use this tool as analysis to aide them in whatever nutritional, herbal or homeopathic regimen they plan to place their client on. Notice the writer stated ‘analysis’ and not ‘diagnosis’. A diagnosis would imply that the healer specifically sees what is wrong with the organs based on the vitality within the eye. This is something that Iridology does not do; but rather it can see what parts of the body and organs that needs to be supported due to the lack of strong constitution that is apparent in the eye.  Why is this important today? It is important because our bodies and state of health not only vibrates through us, but also shows on our face; especially our eyes.

Like Reflexology, Iridology can offer simple healing solutions that are low-cost and preventative; especially if the practitioner is very good at eye analysis. So how do Iridologist and Naturopathic physicians use and practice this art?  Strength constitution is rated from one through ten, and the internal organs are positioned in clock like fashion. For example if the practitioner notices toxicity from the 2 o’clock to the 3 o’clock position in the right eye, this would indicate problems with the thyroid and general areas of the throat and vocal cords. Since it is not a diagnosis but an analysis, the practitioner would place items on the meal plan or report of findings that would heal the thyroid area as a whole without delving too deep on which parts of the throat areas: when you heal one part of the body, the whole body benefits. Initially this art was practiced just by having the practitioner look at the eye without the use of aides, just the assistance of the sun, under an open sky. Now, digital iris analysis is available for those who want a more in depth look as to what the eye is telling them. But there are some Iridologist that are so good and skilled in their craft that all they need is the sunlight and an open sky.

The best medicine is the one that is preventative. What if there were ways that we could see our true state of health and get a view of what we need to work on? These things are happening already. It’s  those stiff joints that won’t go away, the cough that last for weeks, the headaches we get when we eat certain foods or even more telling than all of these: the way we feel in our own bodies. What the Holistic healing arts aim to do is to bring to light what each and every one of us is capable of working on while at the same time being very realistic about what it takes to get there. Also it shows us that each person is unique in their own right and what works for one person, may not always be applicable to the next person. This is what makes Iridology so special. Here are some of the things that Iridology is able to identify as agreed upon by the previous masters of the Art:

The primary nutritional needs of the body, constitutional strength of the organs, toxic build up in the organs, sluggishness of the bowel, pressure on the heart, a nervous condition or inflammation of the bowel, lymphatic-system congestion and poor assimilation of nutrients, the need for rest, high or low libido, the potential for senility and resistance to disease.

While there are more, this just gives us an idea of how it is used; remember as an analysis only and used in conjunction with other modalities which we will get into below.



Dr. Bernard Jensen, a native to northern San Diego and one of the foremost pioneers within Iridology in America has stated that: “Nutrition is the master healing science.” And the writer whole heartedly agrees with him. As a trained nutritionist first, Dr. Jensen knew that it was what we place in our bodies that will address the signs of toxicity that show up in an Iridology analysis session. The Iridology analysis by itself is meaningless unless we are given tools and shown what to eat that would absolve the weak constitution that shows through the eyes. Naturopathic practitioners and Iridologist almost always use natural foods as the first point of healing. After this they may link and apply herbs, homeopathy, massage, sauna detoxification, energy healing, fasting and the like to help get the client to a place of wellness.

Our bodies are always speaking to us and at the same time showing us in real time, our state.  Our eyes represent one of the best visualizations of what is going inside the whole body. As you learn more about the ways you can better your own health and to know about analytical tools that indicate the strengths and weaknesses of the organs, consider Iridology as one of the best options for your healing regimen. With love and hopes of wellness to you and your families.

Dr. Daud Scott- N.D.; CHNP.


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