Heart Health Series: CoEnzyme Q10 and How it Works.


In these Heart Health Series, I wanted to talk about the importance of CoEnzyme Q10 but for the sole purpose of how this interacts with the function of our heart. This perhaps, is of the greatest importance these days as heart disease and its various sub-categories continues to be the leading causes of death here in the United States. Before getting into the best plant-based sources of CoEnzyme Q10, it’s important to briefly highlight what it is and how it works for the benefit of your heart.

CoEnzyme Q10 happens to be present in every cell in your body when it is at its most Vital. Even when the body is not at its’ healthiest, there will still exist forms of CoEnzyme Q10 in your body.  But long term depletion of the Enzyme is what leads to the heart malfunctions that we spoke of earlier.


The main purpose of CoEnzyme Q10 is to help and aid the digestion of the food we’ve eaten. The secondary role or duty is to give some vital protection to our heart muscles and our skeletal frames. This is very important especially as we age because we need our hearts and skeletal frames to be in the best condition that they can be in.

Making sure that you are getting adequate amounts of CoEnzyme Q10 has been shown to also be effective in dealing with heart failure and with preventing some forms of cancer. And while there are many supplement forms of Q10 that you can take, if you can access them directly from foods, that would  also be a better place for you to start.

Some of the cleanest sources of CoEnzyme Q10 found in foods are:

Spinach, kale, cauliflower, peanuts and edamame.

 If you are confirmed to have a deficiency of CoEnzyme Q10 and would like to take a supplement, it would be a good idea to also eat them from their natural source as your body can absorb it easier. In the next installment of the Heart Health Series we will take a look foods that that cause the most blockage to the heart valves and how to keep them open as best as possible. With health to you are your loved ones.

-Dr.Daud Scott N.D.;CHNP.

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