Making Good Use of Ginger.


Some of the best medicines that you need can be found straight and direct out of the produce aisle in your local supermarket. And often times many of us need different medicines to address upset stomach, nausea and vomiting that could be results of many different reasons. I remember when growing up as a young child always hearing that when someone had an upset stomach that they should take ginger ale as a quick defense to feel better. It wasn’t until years later in my studies of nutrition that it all began to make sense; why the nutritional, powerhouse of an herb that we know as ginger has been considered one of the best natural healing herbs (and foods) known to humankind.

Ginger is Hot in the 3rd degree and works by literally heating up our stomach mucus lining and softens phlegm in the body so that it can be eliminated as quickly as possible. In Traditional Chinese Medicine ginger is considered to restore damaged Yang, which makes it easier to transport waste out the extremities. This occurs via through the bowels, urination, and through sweating; this is why ginger is important to eat on a regular basis. Besides this, ginger is able to even work as a natural aide for nausea by adjusting the balance center between our ears. While we may think that nausea is linked only to our stomach; it also has to do with our internal balance scale. This is why when we feel nauseous it’s hard to walk or stand up straight; taking ginger is a natural way to adjust this.  Before moving forward however, it should be known that women who are pregnant should have no more than 20 grams of it on any given day, as anything more is considered not safe for the uterus (i.e. the developing baby).

Here are some of the best ways you can use ginger in your everyday life to treat some of the most common ailments we deal with:

– Assists in warding off the common cold and fighting the cold if you already have it.

– Works as a defense against motion sickness.

–  Contains Gingerol which is a medicinal property that addresses pain and sore muscles.

– Effective as a treatment with reducing menstrual cramps and bloating.

– Can be used as an anti-inflammatory.

– Lowers cholesterol.

– Contains antioxidants that may prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

– Boost the immune system and is thus able to be effective against candida yeast infections.

– Reduces coldness in the body and increases breathing circulation.

– etc.

As you may have guessed, these are not the only things that ginger can treat but the list above are considered our most common health issues that someone may experience on any given day around the world. So the next time you go to reach for a processed medicine to treat any bodily issues you may be having: consider trying ginger first. You may find that it’s a lot more pleasant and much more cheaper at that. With health and healing to you and your families.

    -Dr. Daud Scott N.D.; CHNP.


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