The Vital Life Force Coaching Program is Here!


After many years and based on the most critical issues that needed to be addressed when it comes to natural health and healing, The Vital Life Force Coaching Program is finally here.

The program was announced and unveiled at this past weekends, Awakening Retreat in Northern California. And for a limited time I am offering the plan at the Awakening Retreat price, which is at a 27% discount; Installment payments of 2 are also an option. Clients have already signed up ranging from practicing Medical Doctors all the way to Athletes: this program will transform you no doubt.

It is a live 6 week immersion program aimed at helping you make complete life change in your life with regards to food, health, healing, inner focus and longevity. A program like this is a small investment in your health; compared to everything else we spend our money on. Please click the link below for the description of the 6 week course. Thank you for your continued support and be blessed always.

For More information and to register for the Vital Life Force Coaching Program Click here.

           Daud Scott- CHNP; CPT.

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