Making the Most of Every Meal.

*(Picture Credit: Courtesy of The Well Fed Peasant).

When we get right down to it, in the past it was viewed that what a person eats really had no impact on one’s health; fortunately these ideas and options have changed. Through science and more western trained Doctors offering integrative and functional medical options for their Client’s, a big push and emphasis has been brought back to food. Yet, what we eat day to day matters most in the long run to or health, no matter what present trends seem to be. But for most of us this concept is not new to us, but what may be new is the approach to how to get the most out of every meal, every day in every situation.

Every time we eat, it’s really a choice that we are making: to heal or to do the opposite. There of course will be times when many situations will be out of our control, but for the most part we do have the most say so in it: getting a pass will come few and far between. So just exactly how do we get the most out of every meal? We are able to do this when we are eating to boost the vibration of our Vital Life Force Energy. Whether you are looking to lose weight, be less stressed, feel more present or be proactive against diseases: its about the food you eat. Let’s look at some key points that will make you more successful moving forward.


“Putting Protein in It’s Place.”

Proteins are the amino acids that contain within them the building blocks of life. No matter what your diet path is, the right amount of daily intake of protein is necessary for normal functioning of the body. Yet, many of us, especially in the United States, Europe, Middle East (and now trending in India and parts of Asia) these days are consuming much more protein than needed for simple daily function. This excess of protein consumption triggers the environment in our bodies for ailments to begin. So this means that we really need to put protein in it’s place: have the right amounts, but not more than necessary to cause excess inflammation and feel chronically heavy.


“Super-Size the Herbs and Spices”.

Adding more herbs and spices to the foods that we eat daily will boost antioxidant abilities in our bodies. Have you ever thought about your favorite exotic meal lately? More than likely, it’s the spices that are used in it that keeps you coming back for it; your body remembers the benefits of those herbs and spices and it creates a permanent impression in your memory bank. Herbs and spices contain more anti-oxidants per unit than any food ever known. Placing herbs and spices like oregano, marjoram, cumin, thyme, cinnamon, turmeric, cloves and the like on your favorite meals will increase your antioxidant count to at least up to 160 units of healing power per serving. The moral of the story is, is that there are other ways to season your food without salt only. Add more of these healing items in your life daily for better heart and better health overall.


“Your Actually Just Thirsty”.

A lot of times when you have an extreme craving for a salty or sweet food, many times it has to do with the fact that you are not getting enough water in your daily diet.  Not being hydrated enough can have effects that we don’t want later down the road.  Getting more water inside, means that the body is able to do what it was meant to do: detoxify. Without the right amount of water to facilitate the process, our bodies will work at sub-optimal levels. Besides being a cleanser, water can also help you lose weight in two ways. Drinking 1 to 2 cups before a meal will curb your appetite to want to eat mindlessly and the water that you drank will push and move the colon of all that is left over from previous meals.

These three things will have a big impact on your health moving forward; taking time to do them is what is needed though to be successful though.  We will address more ways to boost nutrition in later articles. For now, start here and make sure to keep focus on the herbs and the spices: these will make the most and fastest change. With health and love to you and your families.


-Dr. Daud Scott N.D,;-CHNP.

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