Vital Life Force: The Energy Also Present in Our Foods.

vital life force

One of the main questions that we are often asked to us as Holistic Nutritionist and practitioners is “What makes Holistic Nutrition different from just practicing good nutrition? Why not just be a standard nutritionist and or dietitian?” Valid questions indeed, which prompts a discussion to show what sets the Holistic Nutrition and Healing Arts community apart from the standard forms of health care that exist today and this is the concept of ‘Vital Life Force’. According the tenets of the early formations of the Hygienic and Holistic paths across the Present West and the United States slightly before the Civil War and thereafter; it was this incorporated idea that like all living things: Food not only contains the nutrients and enzymes that we need to live, but is also contains an ‘unseen’ spark of life that gives us Power (Qudrah –Arabic, Chi or Qi in Chinese, Prana in Hindi) in which to be “Present” in the world in which one lives. This concept was never foreign in African, Early Mexican and South American Cultures, Native American, Asiatic and Middle Eastern societies and it was these societies that made the knowledge available to those who sought it.

The concept of the Vital Life Force is what sets Holistic Nutrition apart from understanding standard nutrition as we may know it in Western Societies. In this Paradigm, not only does the Vital Life Force exist within and all around us, but it is highly present in the foods that we eat especially within live, plant and root vegetables being that they come out of and directly from the Earth, which in the Holistic Paradigm is considered; Alive…yes the earth is Alive. So naturally speaking the more foods that are clean, whole, fresh and live further the advancement in his or hers personal internal Life Force. On the other hand, the more dead, rotted, fragmented and chemicalized a food is, it subsequently reduces ones internal Vital Life Force: it’s simple mathematics, you get out what you put in. In addition to this, Holistic Nutrition also takes the concept of complete health a step further by concluding that: Good Health cannot be sustained by just one aspect of nutrition (i.e. like food for example), it must also be accompanied by healthy relationships, proper rest, a sense of connection to the rest of the world and a overall sense of purpose: take any one of those aspects away and the Human Being becomes imbalanced and ultimately ill at one point or another. These are the realities that Holistic Nutritionist and practitioners have embarked on; they felt a sense of purpose to take a different path towards healing others, a path to help others come to understand that whatever they think, do, eat and comprehend all affects the vibrancy or the stagnation of their Vital Life Force. Complete Holistic Nutrition.

vital life force2

So…..How’s your Vital Life Force going? When you finish eating a meal, do you feel empowered or depressed? Do you feel reinvigorated or hungry again within 5 minutes? When you eat an apple from your favorite store, do you feel and taste that it is purifying your organs and body? Or does it even have taste at all?

Nature’s First Path: Holistic Nutrition would like to dedicate this piece to those people, wherever they may be who have lost their lives, who are dealing with high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, insomnia, body pain, etc. and any other ailment due to our fractured nutrition and health care system. To those reading this, you can fight back, you can take advantage of the time that you have in the present moment to be the best “you” in your body that you can possibly be. We can no longer ignore the fact that something isn’t quite right with the way things are going in our societies and finally within us. We can change. It’s never too late. Fight back. See your Vital Life Force as a gift to be cherished, a living thing around, nearby and inside you. Here’s to your health and a great Force within you.


–Dr. Daud Scott N.D.;CHNP.


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