Making Seeds a Part of Your Healthy Nutrition Plan.


If you have been purposely keeping nuts and particularly seeds out of your daily food selections due to fears of gaining weight…you may want to reconsider that. The fats that are found in nuts and seeds do contain fats, however they are the fats and compounds that your internal biology recognizes and will readily synthesize if you keep up with a healthy and active lifestyle.  But rather than just looking at seeds as a sporadic side snack, it is high time to look at the seed in a new light as more and more research is coming out on the disease reversing capabilities that seeds carry.

Did you know that overall, seeds contain more protein than nuts? It’s true. For this reason, this is a great reason to keep them by your side especially if you are an active athlete and happen and or you happen to adhere to a plant based diet. Let’s explore some common seeds that can bring a world of health to your present health regimen.

Black Seeds: The scientific name for the Black Seed is called, Nigella Sativa. It has been said that this seed has a cure for everything except death. Use this seed as a medicine, mixed with your favorite drink, as a tea or as a food spice. No matter how you use it, the benefits are truly holistic for the mind, body and spirit.

Sesame Seeds: It has been said that sesame seeds have the highest level of calcium for a natural food source in the entire world. Besides this they are loaded with Vitamin E fractions, which affect all areas of the body when it needs it most. Beside the nutty and rich flavor they provide, they make an easy garnish for almost any dish you prepare. Use them in salads; top them on your toast or even throw them in your oatmeal for a boost in nutrition.

Pumpkin Seeds: These seeds are particularly important to men ages 40 and up as they have been shown to ward off prostate cancer. In addition to this, pumpkin seeds are high in omega-3’s, iron, zinc and calcium.  There are many recipes that you can find these days that can show you how to incorporate these into your health plan. Whether you want them toasted or as plain as they come, these seeds really pack a punch.

Flax Seeds: This seed is crucial for effective bowel movements. There has also been considerable research on flax seeds and its fight against breast cancer. Now a days you can find flax seeds readily available in either nut or ground power form; many bread companies have now begun to add flax into the recipe as well.

Sunflower Seeds:  This unsung hero of a seed is loaded with selenium and iron and even contains tryptophan which has been known to have calming properties on the mind and the body.  Making a simple sunflower seed, nut and dried fruit mix is very easy to do and can provide the body with the stamina and endurance for people with an active lifestyle.

Chia Seeds: The anti-oxidant content is almost second to none when it comes to the chia seed. This is very important because these anti-oxidants help fight free radicals that harm the body and the skin. This seed has been shown to be very beneficial for the heart and can address some of the complications of Type 2 diabetes.

Rotating these seeds on a weekly basis is a sure way for you to cover all of your bases for optimal nutrition. The best seeds are the ones that you can get in its rawest and most minimally processed forms.  Take some time to see how you can start to incorporate seeds into your daily meals if you haven’t done so already. To your health.

  Dr. Daud Scott N.D; CHNP.

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