The Path to Detoxification.


What prevents us from having the energy that we once used to have when we were younger? Is it possible to completely re-cycle the cells in our bodies internal organs so that they can work at their best functions? It can be done.  Yet before that can happen the body’s’ internal organs try their best to purge any impurities that may be hampering its ability work properly. And one of the biggest elements that prompt illness and the breakdown of the organs are known as toxins; from both external and internal sources.

What are toxins and how do they impede our health? Loosely speaking, toxins are antigenic poisons of either animal or plant-based origin derived from micro-organisms which promote diseases usually in low dose concentrations in the body. These low-dose concentrations take life in our bodies and over time trigger various diseases and setbacks to having the healthy life that many of us want. Some of the main signs that the body has been overcome by toxins are (but not limited to): chronic sinus congestion, indigestion, hives, bloating, irritability, fatigue, headaches, joint pain, fuzzy thinking, coughing, lack of enjoyment eating food, sore muscles, sneezing, constipation and also chest pains. Of course this is just a short list and there are many more other symptoms. You may have heard often that you may need to do a “detox” or “cleanse your body” but maybe you just don’t know where to start. The reality about this situation though is that “detoxification” is not something you do once: this is something that your body attempts to do every second, however these toxins are often times are standing in the way making matters worse.

I have the unfortunate pleasure of living within a 2 mile range from the Porter Ranch gas leak site in Los Angeles County. Although the gas leak has now been sealed the health effects and consequences of living near the leak has yet to be determined.  Over the last 5 months more and more people that you meet every day from the area have stated that they have not been feeling well and in particular have complained of severe chest pains. So clearly the sources of our toxins can come from the air, our foods, our soil sources, our water supply (as in fluoride) and even from within our homes. So what do we do? How can we detoxify, remain healthy and flourish in this present world knowing what we know now? Below I will provide you with a specific formula that I personally use, and have given to others to remain Vital. The formula is set for a 7 day period. However the formula should be repeated weekly. In other words this is a path for lifelong detoxification inshallah. The formula is simple. It includes using black seed tea, turmeric, use of the dry sauna and at least one vital meal a day.



Before the formula is given it is important to know what these elements of healing are and what they do to the body.

Turmeric: Healing modality: Unani and Ayurvedic.  Purpose: Detoxifies the whole body (especially when consumed with a pinch of black pepper for absorbtion) and purifies the blood attempting to remove heavy metal toxins (DDT, Round-up, etc) from the organs.

Black Seed Tea: Healing modality: Tibb-An Nabawi (Medicine of the Prophet (s.a.w)), Unani, Ayurvedic, Native American. Purpose: Works as an anti-histamine, expels worms from the body, restores appetite and aggressively attacks cancerous growths.

Dry Sauna: Healing modality: Egyptian, Greek, Native American, Traditional Chinese. Purpose: To open the pores to allow toxins to flow out through sweating and purifying the lymph channels for proper flow of energy. Also “resets bones” after strenuous activities.

Vital Meal: Healing modality: Naturopathy and Holistic Nutrition: Purpose: To boost and regulate the immune system, to flush out toxins, provide necessary nutrients for the cells and to restore proper oxygenation of the body so that it may “breathe” properly.

Now that you know how these items operate and work inside your body, here is how to apply it to your weekly life to make every effort to ward off toxicity and to keep your body in proper working order inshallah. The formula for the turmeric tea is 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder added to green tea or your favorite tea. Please note that turmeric is a natural blood thinner. If you are on any blood-thinning medications please consult your doctor first. The formula for the Black seed tea is 1 tablespoon steeped in hot water for 10 minutes. If you have a tea dispenser that has a straining net, that would be ideal, but if you don’t, then using a regular tea cup would suffice. The formula for the dry sauna is at a minimum for 15 minutes at 180 degrees (ideal temperature for opening the pores). Please note that using the sauna affects people in different ways; use sound judgement: if you begin to feel light headed and experience severe shortness of breath, please discontinue use. Remember that this is an overall template. The dinners can vary once you get used to this way. You can feel free to add different plant based meals.


The Formulary:

Monday: Morning: Turmeric tea with your breakfast. 20 minute Dry sauna treatment. Dinner: Vital meal: Baked Stuffed Green Pepper (Add roasted mushrooms, onions, diced zucchini and carrots and cooked brown rice; do not over bake. Spice to your liking) Leafy Green Salad. Black Seed tea.

Tuesday: Morning: Turmeric tea with your breakfast. Dinner: Vital Meal: Easy baked Vegetable Pizza/ side of sliced carrots and cucumbers with small serving of Organic hummus. Black Seed tea.

Wednesday: Morning: Turmeric tea with your breakfast. 20 minute Dry sauna treatment. Dinner: Vital meal: Walnut Supreme Salad W/ Grilled Portablella Mushroom Steaks. Black seed tea.

Thursday: Morning: Turmeric tea with your breakfast. 20 minute Dry sauna treatment. Dinner: pan roasted asparagus w/ side organic whole wheat pasta mixed with olive oil. Black seed tea.

Friday: Morning: Turmeric tea with your breakfast. Dinner: Plant Based Tacos with side of black beans and quinoa (in separate bowl). Black seed tea.

Saturday: Morning: Turmeric tea with your breakfast. 20 minute Dry sauna treatment. Dinner: Spinach and Goji Berry Salad (large size). Black seed tea.

Sunday:  Morning: Turmeric tea with your breakfast. Dinner: Vegetable stew with roasted and spiced tofu. Black seed tea.


While the dinners can be changed, rotated and spiced up to your liking, the teas should be consumed daily for vital health. In terms of the dry sauna treatments, the amounts can be reduced to minimum of 3 times a week once you start to feel better and more balanced. If you happen to feel like you are catching a cold or feeling weak after using the sauna, it may be that the body is detoxifying and you should not be discouraged.  Take some time to rest and restore health and then continue sauna treatments when you feel fully charged. Please remember to consume water regularly since you will sweat heavily. If you have any questions or concerns about putting a detoxing regimen in place for your life, let me know and we will tailor one for that that addresses your specific needs. To your health always.

             Dr.Daud Scott- N.D; CHNP.

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