The After Cancer Lifestyle and Diet.


While the present statistics of Cancer continue at a rate of 1 out of 4, there are still some success stories of those who are beating the odds and embracing a healthier lifestyle after a diagnosis and also post-remission also. After a diagnosis and of successfully living through Cancer, there are several things that have to change. In truth the change begins even before that with a change in the dietary platform of the person who is dealing with the cancer: alkalinity over acidity is the name of the game.

Over the years of treating Clients who are living a post cancer lifestyle, I have come to understand that there are 3 stages to healing and preventing a relapse of Cancer. Most recently this research and application is based on a Client who had successfully outlived triple negative breast cancer. Based on these treatments please note the stages of nutritional growth and lifestyle as well and a change in perception regarding health and wellness:

Stage 1 (1 to 3 months after remission):

In this stage it is important to identify all of the foods that are acidic for your particular diet. There are some things that are universally acidic like constant consumption of meats for example. However there may be acidic triggers to soy and wheat in some cases. It is important to flood the bodily system with as much live and unprocessed foods as possible in order to keep the bodily system alkaline to prevent any types of relapses. In this stage high consumption of foods like: flax seeds, green tea,  portabella mushrooms, asparagus, fresh fruits and herbs, walnuts, almonds spinach and goji berries are ideal in setting you up for a healthier life post-cancer. During this time, it is also a good idea to find like-minded survivors of cancer; meet with them and support each other with recipes, wisdom and any information related to the health and diet after cancer.


Stage 2 (4 to 6 months after remission):

This stage is about implementing the meal plans suggested to you by your nutritionist and at the same time become more educated about the alkaline lifestyle. Foods are not the only sources of acidity, and can be triggered by high amounts of stress, lack of exercise and falling back into previous eating habits that a highly acidic in nature. Usually during this time Clients make more attempts to change their outlook and lifestyle patterns in attempts to keeping any possibility of a relapse of cancer at bay. During this stage, making green juices becomes more common and consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables is between either a 70% or 60% rate over processed foods eaten; if at all.

Stage 3 (6 months indefinitely after remission):

 At this point, with the proper guidance and care as well as self-study and complete change in diet and lifestyle, the Client is now prepared to live in a mostly alkaline manner for the remainder of their life. I have personally seen the complete revolution in some post-cancer patient’s nutrition, health and well-being.  More than anything this is usually prompted by the Client’s will to live and to live better than they did before the diagnosis of cancer; whatever the type. While maintaining working relations with their nutritionist, mindfulness instructor and oncologist, the Client lives each moment with full presence. They also eat and tailor their meals with full presence and in the holistic path in an intention of healing and bringing balance for the body. This is what is known as true: synergy.  And for those dealing with a post diagnosis of any disease: this is the level that we should strive for at all times.

For more information and nutrition support for dealing with post-cancer issues, please contact Daud at Natures First Path, here. All meal plans, recommendations and recipe matrix’s’ would be tailored to you specifically, with your livelihood and cultural taste in mind. With health to you and your families.

-Daud Scott- N.D.; CHNP.


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