The Naturopathic Way.


Everything we do in this life is a part of a path; a path to a destination somewhere. While traveling on this path of life, our health, both mental and physical determines how we actualize the journey. We are now living in an era in which more and more people are asking themselves and their medical doctors of how they can be healthier and be less dependent on taking medications to cope, treat and cure their diseases. There is a path for this desire to achieve full and whole wellness and this is known as the true Naturopathic Way. Dr. Christopher Vasey outlined in his self-titled book that the Naturopathic Way is based on the simplest and quickest route to begin to heal ourselves on a cellular level; the level in which all ailments begin.

The What, When, Why and How?

 Internal imbalances of our cellular make-up is what the human body  tries to overcome daily in a manner of self-preservation to be healthy. The body does not want to be sick on any level.  The stages to disease can be outlined in the way of 1) warning signals (which many of us ignore) 2) then acute illness (this is when fever tries to defend the body) 3) then progression to chronic illness and then 4) the Vital Life Force is summoned to either fully wipe out the imbalance or succumb to the onslaught of  bacteria’s and viruses. This scenario plays out time and time again in our journey in this physical body, but many times we just don’t know what it looks like or how it manifest in our lives on a regular basis. If the body’s internal cellular energy is healthy, illness is usually stopped at stage 2. But if our internal cellular energy is lacking, then illness (imbalance) pushes through stage 4, where there is not enough Vital Life Force to combat its progression and it is at this point that the person requires a Naturopath, or Medical Doctor, Homeopath or Nutritionist to assist them to wellness (if they happen to not be one themselves). So where do we fit into the equation? We have to know how much we can contribute to our own health and vitality.

Fighting the Good Fight.

 Health care is not something you vote on during political seasons. It is something you can do every day with your wallet, your fork and your intentions. Many times people state that they feel overwhelmed when they think about trying to eat healthy and be less harmful to themselves. Out of this feeling of being overwhelmed, many won’t take the necessary steps to help themselves to better health and wellness. But while making drastic changes to your health (if it is severely degenerate) is a good idea, even taking small consistent steps can have very long term beneficial consequences. For example, just adding one serving of a real piece of fruit along with having one serving of oats (natural oatmeal) daily helps in the fight against forming heart disease; the world’s number one killer. This is just one example of how we can take better care of ourselves. Contact your health practitioner for other forms of guidance on this.

Mortality is a Reality. How You Get there is Not.

Dr. Michael Greger in his New York Times best seller, How Not To Die” describes in detail the worlds fifteen leading causes of death and just how much certain foods play a role in preventing these causes of death.  We have no illusions about our ultimate reality, yet it can be a journey to that reality that doesn’t include unnecessary suffering. The Naturopathic Way is an ultimate doorway to this path of self-care that has many positive results. One of which being that due to your healthier state you can become aware of every moment of your life and the journey as a whole for the better.

Getting Free.

When someone takes the steps to walk the Naturopathic Way, they begin to see that their life purpose is bigger than the city they were born in, bigger than the beliefs of their affiliated political parties, bigger than their job titles and bigger than the stories we replay in our minds non-stop. At a certain point on the Naturopathic Way we come to understand that we are only in this body to serve others. This is a higher level of consciousness and once reaching this state, life as we know it can hardly be the same anymore. Embarking on this path comes with its benefits like: finding yourself wanting to watching less television, wanting to spend more time alone to let the electricity of mysticism run through your being, caring more about what you haven’t done with your life and seeing an opportunity to heal in every occasion. And while doing this, people will become more drawn to what’s inside you: the light. And this is at the core of all healing modalities: Do No Harm.

Should we be fortunate enough to come to this understanding while alive, then we would understand that our own input into this journey is of the utmost importance; with the foods we eat, the medicines we take and the life we intend. Every breath is an opportunity to make it better and to start a path to wellness that just may be the one thing that our bodies have been missing. With health and love to you and your loved ones.

       -Dr.Daud Scott N.D.; CHNP.

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