Clearing the Fog: Juicing for Clarity and Focus.


Often times when the benefit of a food works so well with correcting one imbalance, it will also have another latent benefit that perhaps…you were not even expecting at all; and in this case it happens a lot with the case regarding Juicing.  Many times I get asked the question…“How can I get more energy? I just feel so run down all the time.”  Unfortunately this is the case with many people these days through no fault of their own sometimes, there is just a lot expected of us these days and many of us are just running on empty.

And usually when there is a lack of physical energy…often times there is a lack of mental focus that comes along with it as well. While energy drinks, espresso shots and  continuous coffee may give us the quick bolt of energy and awareness to make it through a business meeting or a 4 hour road trip, what do you do when you want a sustained energy and focus without the crash and fatigue? Fortunately for us, even nature has a remedy for this.  Juicing fruits and vegetables are a great way to not only  clean and flush our bodily system, but depending on what type of juice you blend you can even have sustained clarity and focus throughout the day, for as many days as you choose to juice it.

Just exactly how can Juicing on a regular basis remove the mental fog and give you more clarity and focus?  It’s simple. Juicing cruciferous vegetables in particular, including broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, kale, watercress, horseradish, bok choy and mustard greens, have a cleansing characteristic. They contain sulfur, nitrogen and glucosinolates and have been proven to remove heavy metals and toxins from your body.  When you add fruits like, melons, grapes, apples, pineapples and oranges to the juicing recipe, it is even that much more potent at removing lethargic poisons from your body. Juicing beets with spinach is a great combine for energy and blood purifying. But let’s take this even a step further; even if you add a pinch of turmeric to the mix, it has been shown to even remove some of the plaque that builds up in the brain over time from everyday eating which has been linked to progressed stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

Fresh Vegetables

How much should you juice? That is something you and your health care practitioner should discuss, however the benefits of juicing for health and mental clarity cannot be denied. A note about protein: adding Spurilina to the juice mix keeps protein in the picture and even boost the potential for removing even greater amounts of heavy metals from the body providing even more energy and mental focus for you as needed.

The Natural Order of the earth is such that a cure can be found for every ailment and disease naturally. Where we fall short as a Human race in these days is the impatience to prepare the remedies and apply them with conviction.  With the advent and lower prices of Juicers these days, we have an opportunity to Juice natures healing gift to us: Fruits and Vegetables.  Ready to start on your juice path to more mental focus and energy?  Then this is a good place to start:

 Spinach Power Juice!:

  • 2 handfuls of fresh raw spinach.
  • 1 quartered raw beet root.
  • 1 half orange.
  • 1 raw carrots.
  • 4 black cherries (pit removed).
  • 2 table spoons of raw agave nectar.

This will keep you going all day and alert for all the day requires of you…without the crash. Here’s to your health!

Dr. Daud Scott-N.D.; CHNP.


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