Becoming Superhuman through Nutrition and Mindfulness.



Do you remember the days of Saturday Morning cartoons and pulling up with your favorite snack to watch your favorite Superhero go into action mode again? The writer most certainly does and can only wonder what happens to the human perception of strength and power as one grows old over the years.  Well now that many of us are Adults now with a long list of responsibilities and duties; the idea that we as a person could hold any  power or strength for anything other than getting up to go to work every day, seems at best just a kids fantasy.

But does this have to be the case? Is there any proof that the Human can possess any ability to become “Super” or beyond the definition of what an ordinary Human is supposed to do? The answer comes back with an emphatic yes. Before going any further, let’s clarify what we mean here by Superhuman.  When we say Superhuman in this context we are not talking about being able to float through the air, or have x-ray vision that stops the bad guys from getting away with the next caper. While all of that would be nice, that is a topic beyond the scope of this article and it is for those far more qualified than the writer to speak about.  What we are talking about here is the ability to defy the stereotypes of the aging process and be fully Vital and alert even up until the ages where it is expected that our mental, physical and spiritual qualities are supposed to fall short.  In other words becoming Superhuman means being the best ‘You”, you could actually be up until the very last breaths of your life with full presence, good health and sound mental focus.

 So how does one begin to access this path to becoming ‘Super’? It is simple and there are 3 main paths that those who live Superhuman lives before us have laid down and anyone at any age can begin to walk this path and it is as follows:



Eating Cruciferous Vegetables Daily:

Did you know that eating cruciferous vegetables regularly act as anti-cancer agents? So if doing this often is good, what can one say about the fact if they eat them on a daily basis? Cruciferous vegetables are: Arugula, Bok Choy, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Collards, Horseradish, Kale, Watercress, Turnip Greens, Radishes and etc. These vegetables are not just great tasting when prepared to good taste but also remove toxins from your body keeping you in your best state possible. Cruciferous vegetables are 2 times more powerful and potent than other plant foods. In addition to this eating these foods on a regular basis has been known to be anti-bacterial and anti-viral agents that float and circulate throughout your body fighting off (and preventing) flus and killing off Streptococcus. So whether you choose to Juice them or consume them as a meal, that isn’t the main point. The main point is that you get them into your body daily, keeping it Superhuman.


Eating Nuts and Seeds Daily:

Eating Nuts and Seeds on a regular basis gives you natural energy plus are high in protein giving your body the chance to become fully Super. Eating nuts and seeds along with the Cruciferous vegetables daily is not very hard to do because they can easily be stored and can be carried wherever you go. Some of the best seeds to consume daily are:  Flax Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds and Sunflower seeds.  The combination of all these seeds are a great source of Omega-3’s, calcium, Vitamin E, Zinc, Selenium and Iron.   All of which are necessary on the path to becoming Superhuman daily.

 monk in meditation at sunrise


While is great to keep one’s body in tip top shape through nutrition and exercise, the condition and state our Minds (Mental Thoughts) are also equally important. Gone are the days that we can ignore the fact that how we perceive the world and what one thinks about themselves is not important to one’s health: it most certainly is.

Incorporating some type of Mindfulness technique which is done daily is also very important and a path way to becoming Superhuman in your own right.  Whether you choose to call it Meditation, reflective thinking, quiet thinking time or Breath Focus, these are steps that all Prophets, Saints, Sages and great Mystical Thinkers were aware of. They were aware of the importance of focusing on the breath, relaxing the body (not through sleeping) as a means to elevate their consciousness and expand their perception of the world around them. They became Superhuman and this same opportunity awaits for you and I if we just beckon the call.

Vigorous Exercise:

In addition to supreme nutrition in our bodies along with mindfulness, vigorous exercise  keeps the blood flowing through the body giving sustained energy and also eliminating toxins from your body on the path to becoming Superhuman.

Now…it is no secret that not everyone will take this path and many chose to opt out for the Apathetic View that there is nothing Super about the Human Being at all: that it is born and that it will die as any other organism on earth.  Yet while death is certain for all humans, the life process that leads up to the point of death does not have to end in misery.  We all have our own choices with how we want to treat our bodies and live our lives, that’s a given. But as ones consciousness elevates, we can no longer see the actions that we do daily; that they only affect the person: no, they affect everyone around you from your family, to your friends and the whole of the world family at large.  Taking the “So what the hell!? Going to die anyway!” approach to eating and living life is an escapist path to existing. We were born to be Superhuman up until the last breath. Yet it is the freewill of choice that dictates all of our paths, all the while our body, soul and mind is screaming when we do harm to it.  There are many people well into their so-called elder years living with full Vitality and have made active Nutrition and Mindfulness a part of their daily routine, and so can we. The path is right before us it isn’t hard to find and there are no membership fees to have granted access, it just starts with a realization that you were born to be Super. Here’s to your health and vitality.

                                                                                                           Daud Scott- CHNP.

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